Bryan City Schools’ Five Year Forecast Indicates A Storm On The Horizon


Budgetary cuts at the state level are nothing new, as are cuts in state funding for local school districts. When those budgetary cuts coincide with the expiration of an emergency operating levy though, the makings of a financial storm are created, the fallout of which was detailed in the Five-Year Forecast laid out at the October 17 meeting of the Bryan City Board of Education.

According to District CFO Robin Rosswurm, at the end of Fiscal year 2016, the total revenues stood at $20,242,805, with total expenditures of $19,150,986, creating a surplus of $1,091,819 and a cash balance of $12,103,723 to begin fiscal year 2017. It is there that the end-of-fiscal year surpluses are forecast to end. Looking at fiscal year 2017, Mr. Rosswurm said that labor costs will increase due to the year having 27 pay periods instead of the usual 26. Income taxes are budgeted to remain constant at $2,994,000 through 2021, as is state aid at $7,212,000. Other revenue sources are expected to fall though throughout the five-year period though, beginning in fiscal year 2017.

“Property tax allocation, which includes our personal property tax reimbursement from the state, as well as rollback Homestead exemptions, is $1,885,000,” said Rosswurm of the fiscal year 2017 forecast, “…which is about $200,000 less than the previous year, as the personal property tax replacement money is being eliminated…phased out.” With other declines in revenue set to begin in fiscal year 2017, the year is expected to show a deficit spending balance of -$678,059. With the expiration of the emergency levy in fiscal year 2018, and with property tax revenues falling by over $2 million over the term of the forecast, deficit spending is expected to increase. Without actions taken to atone for shrinking revenue sources, deficit end-of-fiscal year balances for the five-year period are projected to grow to an estimated -$4,114,093 by fiscal year 2021.

“Without that $1.9 million emergency levy, our revenues go from $20 million in 2017, down to $17.4 million in fiscal year 21,” Rosswurm said. “Over five years…that starts to have some impact on our numbers. As we move forward into next year, we’ll want to talk more about renewing that levy, and have it on the ballot next year. You can see; the numbers go down quickly without some of that revenue.” Board member, Emily Ebaugh, inquired if the state had any plans on additional support in lieu of the phasing out of the personal property tax replacement money, to which Mr. Rosswurm replied, “There has been no discussion at all, other than it’s on Governor Kasich’s plate to have it phased out.”

In other actions, the Board granted authorization to transfer $136,151.65 from the Permanent Improvement Fund to the Permanent Improvement Construction Project 6-12 fund to cover contingent locally funded initiatives costs. The Board agreed to a $78,000 construction project change order for the PK-5 Building Project in order to upgrade thermostats to bring their compatibility up to the same level as those in the new school, as well as a $33,013 change order for new second floor lockers in the PK-5 Building. The Board approved a separate change order for the Field House Parking Expansion in the amount of $4,602 for the replacement of unsuitable soils.

The Board accepted donations from Bryan Kiwanis Club of $150.00 to the Class of 2021, $100.00 to the 6th Grade Class project, $300.00 to the BHS Band, and $200.00 to the BHS Orchestra. Also accepted were donations of $100.00 from Rich Tavierne to Bryan City Schools, $500.00 from the Bryan Civic League to Chrome Book Insurance, and a donation of 1,180 Water Bottles for students in the 6-12 building from local businesses which included Amerimade Realty, the Bryan Dental Group, Bryan Lanes/O’Bryan’s, Essentials Salon and the Image Pro Group.

The Board agreed to a Then and Now Certificate in the amount of $20,000.00 for Nickles Bakery, and approved a resolution declaring that an urgent necessity exists concerning the purchase of a school bus. Bus #6, which was scheduled to be removed from service and traded in in 2017, has developed serious engine problems, and has been deemed not worth the $6,800 cost of repair.

Several students were recognized by the Board for exceptional achievement and performance, including…

Students of Action for Being Respectful
Grades 6 through 8
Jayce Miller
Arden Wheeler
Adam Blatteau
Jaydon Woolace
Kaitlyn Posey
Tara Morr
Cole Bolten-Sell
Lauren Lambert
Althea Fillman
Jaiden Yates
Keatyn Nichols
Aiden Andrews
Grades 9 through 12
Corbin Bacon
Kaleb Geren
Ben Kittle
Dusti Stafford
Katelyn Darrow

All-NWOAL Golf Honors
Second Team
Peyton Lamberson
Case Hartman
Connor Shirkey
Owen Beaver
Honorable Mention
Andrew Heller

2017 Homecoming Court and Emcees
Delaney Zuver
Senior Olivia Lee, Junior Ana Recio Tovar, Sophomore Brittany O’Neill and
Freshman Audrey Zimmerman
Austin Harding, Natalie Meyer, Austin Teegarden

Bryan Elementary 2-5 Campus

PE Gold Slip Winners
Skyler Hancock – Mrs. Houk’s 2nd Grade class

Bryan Elementary – Washington Campus

PE Gold Slip Winners:
Mikayla Asbury – Mrs. DelFavero’s Kindergarten class
Evan Spradlin – Mr. Tucker’s 1st Grade class

The Board entered into an agreement with Fountain City Christian for Services, and also approved a renewal of the lease with the FCCS for the amount of $115,288.

In personnel matters, the Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bryan Education Association regarding Guidance Counselor Evaluations, and entered into an agreement with Julie Taylor for additional duties.

Approved recalls of Classified Personnel included Jennifer Andrews to Preschool Arrival/1 on 1/Dismissal/Bus Duty Aide, at 4.75 hours per day/4 days per week, effective October 4, and Lydia Smith to Educational Aide, 2-5 Campus, 4.25 hours per day, effective October 3. Amie Lower was hired for the PK-5 Washington Campus Lunchroom for 16-17 School Year, 3.5 hours per day, 0 years experience, effective October 3, and Mirna Romes for the PK-5 Portland Campus Lunchroom, 4.75 hours per day, 0 years experience, effective October 3. In transfers of Classified Personnel, the Board moved Janie Laukhuf to Arrival/1 on 1/Dismissal Aide, 7.25 hours per day, effective October 3. Beth Clingaman was moved to the MA level on the A-1 salary schedule. The Board extended supplemental contracts to…

Todd Grosjean – Head Girls Basketball Coach
Collin Walker – Assistant High School Girls Basketball Coach
Kathy Lamberson – Assistant High School Girls Basketball Coach
Bob Klopfenstein – Assistant High School Girls Basketball Coach
Tiffany Heller – Junior High Girls Basketball Coach
Melanie Reinhart – Junior High Girls Basketball Coach
Maurice Zuver – Assistant High School Boys Basketball Coach
Steve Lamberson – Assistant High School Boys Basketball Coach
Blake Rockey – Assistant High School Boys Basketball Coach
Larry Snavely – Junior High Boys Basketball Coach
Corey Walker – Junior High Boys Basketball Coach
Jeremy Suffel – Head Wrestling Coach
Kraig Bostelman – Assistant High School Wrestling Coach
Doug Moor – Assistant High School Wrestling Coach
Del Miller – Junior High Wrestling Coach
Rick Fenter – Junior High Wrestling Coach
Makenzie Luce – Head Swimming Coach
Kathryn Rockey – Assistant Swimming Coach
Doug Miller – Head Bowling Coach
Kathy Jo Miller – Assistant Bowling Coach
Dustin Gillett – Assistant Bowling Coach

The Board approved Cynthia Shoup as a substitute teacher, and Paula Memmer-Crites, Emily Sammons and Peggy Wendt as substitute classified employees. Chad Bassett, John Jackson, Season Sanders, Chad Tinkel were approved as Athletic Department volunteers. The Board approved the formation of a new fly fishing club, and will seek grants for its funding.

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