CBS Study Club Holds July Meeting

The July meeting of the CBS Study Club was held at the Hillside Country Living. Doris Fairchild, the hostess, decorated the tables in the traditional red, white and blue to honor the 4th of July. She served a delicious salad of many colors of Jell-O for the occasion.

The meeting was opened with the club collect. Eleven members and one guest answered the roll call, how you spent the 4th of July when you were a child… Mar jean Bly gave the devotions. She read two poems. “A Day to Remember” and the “Wonders of Spring” The August fun day was discussed and plans were made for the day. The food collection will go to Bryan this month.

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Carman Oxender introduced the speaker Jean Young who had selected a Karen Kingsbury’s book, THE BRIDGE to review. This book was a fitting end to the theme for the year, Contemporary Women Authors, and to our CBS( Character, Books,Service)

The Bridge is name of a small book store in Franklin, Tennessee. Charlie the owner of the shop had selected the name because it was how he felt about books. Books connected the past and the present, the present and the future. Books brought people together and gave them a path to ‘worlds they ‘wouldn’t otherwise experience. Charlie and his ‘wife Donna bad owned the store for thirty years when the story begins… The hundred-year flood has hit Tennessee .The Bridge is flooded and all the books and equipment are gone. Charlie is trying to get loans so they can start again. He has tried everything. It is Christmas time and he has until January 1 come up with the money. On. the way home from the Bridge his car hits Black Ice and be has a wreck. He is in a coma and is not expected to live.

Karen uses the flash back technique to show you what has happened in the years before Charlie’s accident. The book is listed as a romance so you meet Molly Allen from California and Ryan Kelly from Mississippi who have come to Tennessee to go to college. The Bridge became a favorite meeting place for them. They both go their own way but come back when Charlie is hurt.

Karen has a way of portraying characters that you like and some that you don’t. She creates situations that are real and solutions that usually make you happy. She is classified as a Christian Writer.


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