David Schultz To Become Stryker Schools Building Principal

After a special meeting held in executive session, the Stryker Local Board of Education announced during their regular meeting on May 13 that David Schultz will become the Stryker Schools’ Building Principal at the start of the next school year. He will be filling the vacancy of Building Principal Denise Meyer who will be retiring at the close of the 2012-13 school year.

Schultz has been with the school district for several years, having served as the Dean of Students over the past three years. Board President Jeff Erb says that he is “very excited” to have Shultz filling the role and that he believes that “he (Shultz) has the qualifications, passion, and integrity for the job”. It is a sentiment echoed by Superintendant Nate Johnson who expressed that he thinks Shultz “will be great for students. I look forward to him starting his career as a principal.”
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The rest of the regular meeting was business as usual for the board. All April financial reports were approved as presented along with the following financial motions:

  • Donation: Level Data PSUG Conference – Samsung Galaxy Tab; valued at $200
  • An advancement of $500 to the OHSAA Tournament fund
  • The Service agreement with Healthcare Process Consulting, Inc. to manage the Medicaid program in the amount of $2000.
  • The payment of full tuition for those attending the 3rd grade reading classes from the School Improvement Grant
  • To compensate $100 per day stipend from grant funds to those that attend the PARCC Assessment Summer Workshop
  • To participate in the OHI Workers Compensation Group Rating program
  • The updated notifications for Employer Pickup of Employee Contributions due to the increase of STRS rates
  • The updated purpose and budget statements and five year forecast as presented
  • The Amendment to the Certificate of Estimated Resources as presented
  • The modifications of appropriations

Several Superintendent’s Personnel Recommendations were also brought before the board and were given blanket approval. These include the following supplemental contracts for the 2013-14 school year: Larry Freshour (Varsity Boys’ Basketball, Track Assistant), Jason Barringer (Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Track, A.V. Advisor), Beth Weyer (Varsity Volleyball, Student Council Advisor, Shared Junior Class Advisor), Steve Brown (Varsity Girls’ Basketball), John Ruffer (Varsity Golf, Baseball Assistant, 8th grade Boys’ Basketball), Dylan Givens (Varsity Softball), Kevin Beck (Varsity Boys’ Cross Country, Boys’ Basketball Assistant), Scott Goodnight (Varsity Girls’ Cross Country), Brett Grieser (Girls’ Basketball Assistant), Lauren Waidelich (Softball Assistant), Allison Kelly (Volleyball Assistant), Emily Rodriguez (7th grade Volleyball), Kristi Miehls (8th grade Volleyball, Secondary Musical Director), Steve Meyers (7th grade Boys’ Basketball), Joe Grieser (8th grade Girls’ Basketball), Kim Miller (Junior High A.D.), Paula Short (Shared Junior Class Advisor), Dustin Maroon (Mentor as needed), Beth Morr (Mentor as needed), Jami Speiser (Mentor as needed), Donneen Dyess (Mentor as needed), Katie Jimenez (N.H.S. Advisor), Angie Garlinger (Elementary Quiz Bowl Advisor), Barb Yoder (Junior High Quiz Bowl Advisor, High School Quiz Bowl Advisor, Spanish Club as needed), and Laura Moser (Art Club as needed).

Emily Rodriquez, Tiffany Korzan, Lauren Waidelich, and Danielle Engel also had their employments as teachers for 2013-14 approved. Allison Kelly was approved as an aide for the same term.

Volunteer for the 2013-14 school year who were approved by the board include Ed Ruffer (Varsity Girls’ Basketball), Joe Grieser (Varsity Baseball), Chase Grieser (Varsity Baseball), Chad Powers (Track), and Tyler Woolace (Varsity Basetball).

Blake Ruffer was also approved as a Certified Substitute for the 2012-13 school year.

Other Superintendent’s recommendations brought before council that were also approved include the following:

The 2012-13 Educator Sub Rate at $75 per day, following the eleventh consecutive day pay will increase to $90 per day.
To participate in Open Enrollment for the 2013-14 school year

The administrative approved interim end-of-course exams for all academic courses to assess master of subject matter, per the state standards and guidelines, including those provisions of S.B. 165

The update and documents related to resolution 130-023 relative to the security arrangements and emergency response protocols for the Board of Education as presented.

Before adjournment Superintendent Nate Johnson also reminded everyone that the next regular meeting for the Board of Education will be held June 24 at 6:30 pm and expressed his gratitude towards the Archbold School Board for the use of their track during the Stryker Schools’ Complex project.[/emember_protected]

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