Fayette’s Dr. King: New Beginnings Ministries Pastor & Author

Dr. Karen Joy KingBy: John Winright

Dr. King grew up in the Fayette area and attended school K through 12 in the local school system.

The church she pastors, ”New Beginning Ministries” was started in 2012 in a church building that had been sitting empty for about five years. As God called her into this ministry she followed His direction to appropriate the facility and renovate it to the present condition. The facility has been at 305 South Maple for many years and some of Kathy’s ancestors actually helped build the original building.

In asking the author of this fine book and pastor of this church about her life, she shared the following.

“Throughout my life, I have enjoyed doing a variety of things since I love new challenges and am a perpetual student. Some of these things include being a school teacher, pastor’s wife, EMT, hospital chaplain, taxidermist, bank teller, a group leader in a factory, and a professor for Christian Leadership University. I also enjoy reading, drawing, painting, carving, pets, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, small engine repair, riding motorcycles, community involvement and being a musician.”

“In 1995, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Spanish from The Defiance College in Defiance, Ohio. In 2001, God led me to Christian Leadership University to complete Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Christian Counseling, a PH.D. in Ministry and I obtained my ministerial ordination/license. These accomplishments show that you are never too old to learn something new.”

“In 2003, I was invited to join the CLU staff as a Professor/Advisor, in which capacity I still minister. God blessed me with students from around the world! What a blessing it is to watch God heal and empower their lives as they pursue the CLU courses.”

“Since the time I became a CLU student, God has been speaking to me about a worldwide ministry. In His time, He will send me out to evangelize, teach, preach, and do healing ministry. For now, I enjoy working with my community, writing the book, mentoring my CLU students, doing counseling/deliverance, preaching, teaching and musical ministries.”

In asking her what else she is involved in locally, she says, “I have served on the Fayette Local School Board, as a member and treasurer of the Fayette Fine Arts Council, as a member of the Fayette Historical Society, and the Fayette Lions Club.” I also love to greet and welcome new people into our community by taking them the Fayette Welcome Packet. At the present I am a member and treasurer of the Fayette Community Development Corporation.

What a resume Dr. King has assembled and many life experiences that she can share from the Pulpit every Sunday morning. New Beginning Ministries is a new church that is reaching out to help folks in any way they can and Dr. King’s heart of love for her congregation is very apparent.

As one reads through Dr. Karen Joy King’s book “…But God!” they will be very inspired by the true stories about God’s love, faithfulness, and intervention.

It also contains Karen’s testimony of how God set her free after a 20 year struggle and how to hear God’s voice.

These are stories that touch the heart and are perfect because you can read them in a jiffy yet be blessed and encouraged. These inspirational stories of people’s encounters with God and the transformations He worked in their lives will bring tears of joy and put a spring in your step for the day. This book can be read straight through; or it could be used as a devotional and read a story each morning for inspiration to start the day. Try it. You will be blessed!

Dr. Mark Virkler, President of Christian Leadership University and Author of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and many other instructional books says:

“…But God!” is a collection of forty-two short real-life inspirational, incredible stories of God’s love and miracles! These God encounters show that God wants to be a part of our lives and is interacting with us every day.

Included in these stories are: “An Angel Drove My Car”; “Desperate at Gas Station”; “The Impossible Becomes Possible Through God”; “Tragedies, Stubborn Tables – But Stay Calm”; “Don’t Waste Your Pain”; and “The Stained Glass Window.”

God. . . Do you personally know Him, or is He some big mystery to you? Maybe you don’t even believe in God, or maybe you call something or someone else your god. As you read “…But God!” you will see there is a personal God Who created you, loves you, and is always present with you even in the darkest and most difficult of times!

You can know Him today if you don’t already. God personally wants to speak to you. By using the Four Keys given in the book, you can learn to hear His voice and dialogue with Him. When you learn to hear Him speaking directly to you, telling you how much He loves you; you’ll never stop wanting to have this wonderful communion with Him! Enjoy your journey with God!

Beth Moore adds – “Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!” —Beth Moore Karen King shares inspirational real-life stories about God “dancing with us.” There is no such thing as mere luck, for God is constantly with us and cares about us. Sometimes we can see His hand very clearly. Sometimes it may not be recognized until later, when we look back and fully realize, Oh yeah, that certainly was God, (a “…but God” moment)! May these short stories bless, encourage, and enable you to recognize when God has protected, provided, or helped you. “…But God!” is an inspirational book that will help you see God in your everyday events.

Copies of the book can be obtained by contacting Dr. Karen Joy King at 419.237.8000, online through Westbow, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel at a cost of $19.95 plus shipping, or at Current Solutions in Bryan or My Sister’s Attic In Fayette.

It never ceases to amaze me the stories that are surrounding us everywhere, from the folks of communities that we live in. Most of which are very inspiring!

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