Fulton County Board Gets Investment Report

The board approved Resolution 2017-290 to enter into a contract with Workplace Resources to provide services for an employee assistance program.

The cost will be for $6,426. Services provided will include assessment, short-term problem resolution and referral services to all employed emergency services personnel as defined in the agreement.

The contract runs from May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018.

The Fulton County Dog Warden collected $150 in licenses and fees the week ending April 8. The office also collected $250 for euthanizations.
The commissioners heard the quarterly investment report from Meeder.
The presentation showed the national unemployment rate is just above 4 percent, while the Labor Participation rate is around 63 percent.

Inflation is still running below 2 percent, but the Federal Reserve expects it to average 2 percent in the future.

Cars and car parts are among the most important items imported into the United States. Car parts are among the top four items imported from Mexico, Japan, Korea, Canada and Germany.

More than 3.5 million Americans who are out of school are in default (at least 360 days behind) on their student loans. Another 3 million are delinquent (31 and 360 days) and 3 million are in postponement.

Twelve and half million are current on their loans.

Student loan debt in the United States is around $1.2 trillion. Auto loans total $1 trillion and credit cards are less than $800 billion.

The county has $2.4 million in cash and $29.3 in securities in its portfolio. The weighted average maturity on its securities is 2.34 years with a weighted average yield of 1.57 percent. The estimated annual income is $461,129.

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