Fulton County Sheriff Deputies Write Four Tickets During Blitz

Sheriff Roy E. Miller announced that the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office conducted a Traffic Enforcement Blitz that ran from February 8th through February 10th and February 15th through February 17th, 2019. Deputies who worked this Blitz made 14 traffic stops and issued four citations. The citations issued were for three speed violations and one No Operator’s License. Deputies issued 12 warnings during the Blitz. The Traffic Enforcement Blitzes are paid for from a grant that the Sheriff’s Office received from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Sheriff Miller and his deputies are dedicated to protecting the citizens of Fulton County and the motorists who travel its highways. This giant allows extra patrol to enforce the traffic laws that will increase the safety of motorists on, the roadway in the areas that are prone to a higher number of serious and fatal crashes.

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