Hilltop Students Work With Red Cross For Blood Drive

04-14-2015-Blood Drive-West Unity-T (4)By: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

The American Red Cross made its way to Hilltop High School on Tuesday, April 14, seeking out blood donations from the West Unity community.

And members of the Hilltop senior class were standing right alongside them.

From the hours of noon to six in the evening, the school’s auxiliary gymnasium was transformed into an extraction site for people’s excess plasma. Throughout the day, members of the community came and went, donating their blood so that others in desperate need of it may be saved. Registration, as well as distribution of snack food for donors, was handled by Cadet seniors.

Those who wished to donate were first put through an extensive education process. First, they were handed a binder detailing what each person was to expect and how the blood would be put to use. Then, they were taken to a private booth to discuss any questions or concerns they may have had with a Red Cross employee. Only then would they be allowed to sit back and give blood, after a quick check up of their vitals, of course.

The Village of West Unity put its concern for their fellow man on display at the blood drive. With a great turnout, several people will be helped to continue living their lives to the fullest.

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