North Central School Board Plans For 2012-13 School Year

The North Central Board of Education finalized plans for the new 2012-2013 school year in their August 20th meeting.  All board members were present.

The agenda was approved, and the board went into a short executive session to discuss personnel. The board returned to regular session and approved the minutes from the July meeting and financial statements and investments from July.

One year supplemental contracts held by certified employees were approved for the following: Larry Bunting, varsity softball coach; Matt Frey, 8th grade boys basketball and elementary quiz bowl; Jason Luthy, junior high track coach; Brady Ruffer, assistant track coach and sophomore class advisor; Melinda Fugate, assistant track coach and entry year mentor; Amy Beck, entry year mentor; Sharon Deetz, entry year mentor; Abigail Hendricks, entry year mentor; Connie Myers, entry year mentor; Don Slamka, high school student council advisor and entry level mentor; Ashley Stewart, entry year mentor; Paul Jones, entry year district coordinator; William Peiffer, head track coach and safety patrol; and Mary Boots, high school quiz bowl advisor.

Also approved were supplemental contracts held by the following classified employees: Joni Poynter, junior varsity volleyball; Chris Fidler, junior varsity boys basketball; John Waterston, varsity assistant boys basketball; Nathan Baker, 7th grade boys basketball; Kim Hutchinson, 8th grade girls basketball; Charlie Rummel, 7th grade girls basketball; Brandie Bailey, junior high cheerleader advisor; and Eric Smeltzer, varsity baseball.

Board members then approved the van driver’s transportation requirements for the upcoming school year, an agreement for services of the Wood County Juvenile Detention Center on an as needed basis for the 2012-2013 at $60 per day, the North Central 2012-2013 Junior High/High School Handbook (revised), and the disposal of old band equipment and uniforms.  All items were approved. Although no students have been held at the Wood County facility in many years, this measure is brought up yearly in the event that a student would need educational services while there.

This year’s kindergarten classes were the subject of discussion during a report given by new elementary principal Paul Jones. He said that there were at this time 49 kindergarten students, with 11 of those in the Pre-K program. The two kindergarten classes will each have about 25 students, although all Pre-K students will be incorporated into one of the kindergarten classes, but will leave for the day at 10:45 a.m. Superintendent Ken Boyer said that he had to turn down three requests to admit kindergarten students to North Central for open enrollment due to the large class sizes. He said that the current first grade class is large enough to require three teachers, and one of them had transferred from the kindergarten classes to teaching first grade. The elementary school does not have the facilities to open up another classroom, and he said could not justify the expense of adding another teacher for three students from outside the district, although in the future, a half-time Pre-K teacher may be considered so that classroom population could be lowered in the other two classes and include open enrollment students. One kindergarten classroom will have a teacher’s aide.

Principal Jones added that the Student/Teacher Handbooks were being printed, and that scheduling assignments are complete. He also reported on staff changes.

In his report to the board, high school principal Brian Rettig discussed the electronic device policy that he was putting into place for the new school year. The policy will be distributed to all students. He said that he would be implementing a “stop-light” approach, with green zones being designated as permissible for using the devices, such as in the cafeteria. There would also be red zones where usage is forbidden, such as in the restrooms where no cameras or recording devices would be permitted. Rettig indicated that electronic devices can put information into the students’ hands, and can be helpful during class discussions and tests, because the answers to questions would be able to be seen immediately by the teacher, who can give feedback right away.

Rettig explained that the special education department had an emotional disturbance unit (ED), and that he is seeking to increase inclusion of the designated students back into the classroom. There will be a cross-categorical place for them in the classroom, and for when they come out of the emotional disturbance unit. He said that last year, of the four students who were in ED, only one had not been fully integrated back into the classroom by the end of the year.

Superintendent Ken Boyer thanked both principals for their hard work. This is the first year that both of them have held the position of principal. Paul Jones, elementary principal had previously taught at the 5th and 6th grade levels at North Central, and Brian Rettig, the new junior high/high school principal had spent the last few years as the assistant principal at Bryan High School.

Per the treasurer’s report, the board approved a motion for appropriation additions as follows:

  • 516  IDEA – B: $124,968.74
  • 572  Title I: 97,846.14
  • 587  Early Childhood Special Education: 6,246.45
  • 590  Title II – A: 27,091.23
  • 506  Race to the Top: 31,523.46

Total Funds: $287,676.02

Superintendent Boyer asked the board to approve three memorandums of understanding to amend the negotiated agreement. These concerned transportation issues dealing with van transportation, and the number of persons who could be hauled; the number of drivers who are allowed to drive the vans; and a carry-over of vacation days. There was nothing in the negotiated contract to allow such a move, and the memorandum of understanding would all permit a carry-over. A motion to approve was passed.

For the upcoming 2012 OSBA Annual Business meeting, the board approved sending Shane Martin to the meeting as a delegate, and Craig McKarns as an alternate.

The bus barns for North Central were discussed. Improvements will need to be addressed in the near future. The board will decide what to do as far as providing a facility for the buses, and how best to replace the existing shelter.

The board noted improvements to the schools that had been completed over the summer. Although the playground is not yet finished, the parking lot had been blacktopped over the summer and was looking good. The junior high gym looked brand new after receiving a new coat of paint, newly sanded and refinished floor, new lights, and repairs to damaged vent covers. The gym had also received additional wrestling mats from the high school.

The music room had also undergone a renovation, sporting new paint, new storage units for band instruments, a new storage area and shelves for the new band uniforms, and a storage space converted into an office for the band director.

Administrators and guests were invited to tour the facility to see the improvements.

Due to a schedule conflict for Superintendent Boyer who must attend a conference that day, the meeting that would normally be held on September 17 was changed to Monday, September 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Elementary Music Room.

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