Stryker’s Quadco Expresses Thanks To Long-Time Employee

Quadco-says-thanks-to-long- WEBQuadco Executive Director Bruce Abell acknowledged long-time employee Sharon von Seggern of Stryker at the beginning of the regular joint board meeting on Tuesday (Nov. 24).

He noted that von Seggern purchased the three Subway® Restaurants and the Mama DeLuca’s Pizza store from QRC and is now running them. She has been the manager of the stores for QRC since their first store in Stryker opened in 2006.

Mr. Abell said he and the board wanted to recognize her and thank her for everything she has done over the years.

von Seggern said she worked for QRC for 24 years, beginning in the office as a training specialist. She served as a program coordinator at both Northwest Products and at Stryker. She became the manager of QRC’s employment service and the Subway® restaurants up until the time she recently purchased them.

A reception was held after the meeting for her.

Mr. Abell discussed a meeting of the four county commissioners held at QRC at the end of October about the buildings used by the center. He said the commissioners were very supportive and at the conclusion of the meeting decided they would like a lease to indemnify them from liability. Work is being done to prepare the lease.

The QRC board members approved the policy for board self evaluation, as they have annually for a number of years.

The results of the recent board evaluation were reviewed and Mr. Abell said they were similar to reports in prior years. For instance, he said, recruiting new board members has always been a challenge, because it is difficult to find new board members willing to commit and come to meetings.

Still, he noted, “We’ve had a history of good board members who have been very supportive and very involved.”

Mr. Abell said that plans have been made for the QRC annual awards day and Christmas party on December 10 at the Defiance Knights of Columbus hall. The awards portion of the day will be held in the morning at 10 a.m. There will be a turkey lunch served at noon and a dance in the afternoon.

Those who come can bring canned goods and there will be a hat and mitten tree with all the items going to the PATH Center in Defiance.

Program Manager Shannon Zellers showed the board members photos of the Halloween party enjoyed at the end of October. She also showed them a Christmas wreath made at the Defiance Center and a Thanksgiving table display made by the art club.

She said there was work every day for the people at the center. She also noted that the birthday club held its monthly celebration, giving out necklaces to those with a birthday.

Community Club members took time to do some career exploration in the community and finished with some games of bowling in Bryan during the month.

QRC continues to focus its priorities on community employment. Rachel Lange, the new manager of QRC’s Northwest Employment Services, said she is working with 14 people in job development and has two interviews for individuals this week. She said they were also doing some coaching for a person and follow along for 11 others.

Bill Priest, director of marketing, reported that the Edgerton Knights of Columbus council presented a check of $480 to the center. The donation was made from funds collected during their annual Measure Up campaign.

He said he also attended a webinar on the signs of abuse presented by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and that transportation safety programs would be held starting the week of November 30.

There will be no board meeting in December. The board members will next meet on January 26, 2016, beginning at 11:30 a.m. for the reorganizational meeting.


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