Wauseon City Council Prepares To Fill Vacant Seat

VR LOGO - WEBWauseon City Council is one again preparing to fill a vacant seat. With the Mayor Elect Kathy Huner preparing to step into her new role as Mayor, she has submitted her letter of resignation as a council member effective November 3. The resignation coincides with that of current Mayor Doug Shaw, who announced that he would be stepping down earlier in the month, and will leave council with the third vacancy they have needed to fill in less than six months.

It was confirmed during the October 20 meeting that Council will use the same procedures to fill the vacancy as they used previously to appoint Councilors Jeff Stiriz and Martin Estrada to fill the previous vacancies. Letters of interest and resumes from anyone interested in filling the current vacancy will be accepted by Council through October 31, with interviews of candidates following on the tentative dates of November 5 and 6. It is hoped that the newest councilor will be sworn in by month’s end.

During the Finance Committee’s report, it was also explained during the meeting that the original approval of a 20 cent tag increase by A.R.S. was found to be errant and a new motion to approve a lower tag increase of 4 cents was subsequently made and approved. It was explained by Councilor Martin Estrada, who had met with A.R.S. to discuss the original proposed increase, that the original figures used by A.R.S. were calculated by tonnage whereas the current 4 cent increase was determined by average bag size and poundage per bag. It was also explained by Council President Heather Kost that residents will now be able to buy fewer tags at a time if they so desire.

It was also reported by Kost that the Finance Committee had also discussed the Glenwood Avenue assessments as their have been requests for consideration of extending the pay back period from 20 years to 28 years, the maximum amount of time the pay back period can be extended. Kost noted that the committee feels that it is important to hear from the landowners and will be scheduling a meeting in that regard.

Also related to finance, Kost explained that Finance Director Jamie Giguere had distributed an updated Investment Policy that Giguere has constructed using the Ohio Revised Code to the Committee and that the Committee was recommending acceptance of the policy. However, due to Giguere’s absence from the meeting and Council requesting more time to review the policy, the matter was tabled until the next council meeting.

In other committee reports, Councilor Rick Frey reported that the Tree Commission had discussed memorial trees and that a grant application for 86 trees to be planted at Homecoming Park. Frey also reported that Tom Savage has moved 40 trees from the Mull property.

Councilor Shane Chamberlin reported on behalf of the Park Board that the Board has welcomed its newest member, Paul Harmon. Chamberlin also explained a request made of the Board by Gayle Lowry, who had spoken with Park Board regarding the installation of a ski lift at Homecoming Park that would enable children with special needs to reach the top of the hill for sledding purposes. With some discussion about manning the lift and ADA requirements, the Board is conducting further research into the matter.

A recommendation by the Utility Committee to eliminate the November 1 rate increase was approved by council.

In Department Head Reports, Council learned:

•From David Wright, Regional Planning Director, that he sat on two boards, one involving administration of the CBDG program and the other the Revolving Loan Fund, through the Ohio Development Services Agency. Wright sat on both in an advisory role. He also noted that they are still in the preliminary stages of the Downtown Revitalization Grant.

•From Tom Hall, Code Administrator, that he is working on a couple of non-compliance housing matters with the law department.

•From Dennis Richardson, Director of Public Service, that he attended the ODOT Local Public Agency training day regarding the Linfoot Street project, which is slated to start in the fall of 2015. The project is estimated to cost a total of $2.2 million with the City’s share being $818,000. Some of the cost can be delayed to 2016 due to the work schedule.

•From Thomas A. McWatters III, Director of Law, that he has been working with Tom Hall regarding some code violations and that he has made initial contact with Clemens & Nelson regarding review of the City’s compensation plan.

Prior to the end of the meeting the Board approved the reappointment of James Barber to the Charter Revision Commission for the term of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017. Council President Heather Kost also took a moment to remind everyone that the pool survey will be coming down from the City’s website after October 31 and thanked everyone who took the time to fill out the survey.

The next meeting of the Wauseon City Council will be held at 5:30 PM on Monday, November 3 in council chambers.

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