Wauseon Council Appointments Kathy Huner To Fill Unexpired Term Of Mayor Doug Shaw

KathyHunerIn a special meeting held by Wauseon City Council on the morning of October 16, members of the Wauseon City Council officially accepted the resignation of Mayor Doug Shaw effective November 3, 2014. Following the acceptance of the resignation, Council moved into executive session to discuss personnel.

Upon return from executive session, Council President made a motion to appoint Councilor Kathy Huner to fill Shaws unexpired term, which ends December 31, 2015.

Huner, who has been currently serving on Wauseon City Council and who served three terms on council, lost her bid for election to Mayor to Shaw in the most recent election and admits to being a little taken aback by his decision to step down but expresses her true love for the City of Wauseon and Wauseon residents, noting that she hopes that this will give her the opportunity to show the citizens how eager and willing she is to work for them. Huner also expressed her feeling that the City of Wauseon has great people in place to help the City grow and succeed. “I’m very willing to work with the Council and Administration as well as everyone else involved and am honored to step up to this position,” Huner said.

As a result of accepting the position, Huner will be soon submitting her own resignation to Council so that she can vacate her Council seat. It is expected that the vacancy will be filled in the same manner as vacancies left by Fred Allen and the late Don Mathews and that the interested persons will be able to submit letters of interest for Council to consider for interviews.

Following the special meeting, Council moved on into the Committee of the Whole meeting in which they discussed ongoing considerations of all of the committees. While further updates will be provided following the October 20 regular Wauseon City Council meeting, there are a couple of items of particular note. A potential tag increase of 20 cents has been proposed by A.R.S. and is under consideration but has not yet been approved as it is pending more investigation by Council Martin Estrada, who is questioning the amount of increase. Council President Heather Kost would also like to remind everyone that the surveys regarding the location of the new pool in Wauseon will be closing on October 31. Anyone who has not yet filled out the survey is encouraged to do so. The results of the survey should be tabulated and released within a couple of weeks of the surveys close.

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