Wauseon Rejects Removal Of Street Parking, Waits To Ban Smoking In Parks

Two streets in Wauseon will not be seeing any changes in parking.

The Street Committee rejected a proposal to ban parking on Marshall Street and determined a handicap parking space is not practical near the Congregational Church on Clinton Street.

The committee met Nov. 7, continuing discussions initiated Oct. 17.

For Marshall Street, Police Chief Keith Torbet sent out 12 surveys to residents and nine were returned. Of those, six favored no changes to the parking.

There were concerns that removing parking would impose on visitors and increase speed by vehicles using the road.

The proposal to install a handicapped parking spot was denied since there was no place on the street to put one.

The Building and Grounds Committee will wait on a proposal to install “no smoking” signs at city parks. The committee has been discussing a proposal since Aug. 8 when county health officials asked for signs following similar action in Archbold and Delta.

The committee will wait for the police chief to return with standard language for an ordinance.

The Personnel Committee approved the creation of a new administrative position for the fire department to handle paperwork and be the health and wellness coordinator. This position will allow the administrative duties covered by Phil Kessler and Jeremy Shirkey to be completed while they are out on runs.

The position will be filled by an intern initially and council will have to amend the compensation budget for the fire department.
The next council meeting is 5 p.m. Dec. 5 at City Hall.

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