Expedition To 50 States Made By Pioneer’s Jennings In 32 Days

By: Jennifer Johnson

Last year on December 20th, Pioneer resident (originally from West Unity) 43 year old, Jason Jennings, ventured out in his car, on a solo trip in pursuit to see or do something of interest to him in each of the 50 states.

When asked what his favorite thing he’s seen on his journey, he answered, “I took a helicopter ride in Alaska to see the glaciers.” He went on to say, “I didn’t realize how massive they were until I landed on them, they were impressive.”

When asked if anything he had planned to see didn’t really meet his expectations, he said he wasn’t overly impressed with Mt. Rushmore, and that it was his second time there. He said on his first visit, he didn’t see anything but fog, but that sometimes happens. He also attempted to see Thor’s Well off the coast of Oregon, but was unable to see due to high tide.

I asked him if he had encountered any scary moments along the way. Jennings said he ran into a snowstorm in Spokane. A couple of miles before he got there, he was driving at the speed of 25mph, he hit some black ice, that sent him straight into the left lane. Luckily there was no one in that lane, but it scared him.

When asked if he had made any friends during his travels. Jennings said, “I always run into friendly locals or other travelers. I met a guy from New Zealand when I was hiking in Arkansas who was kind enough to take some pictures for me.” Jennings said he loves strangers and rarely runs into one that’s not kind.

I asked Jennings if he had a favorite state. He said, “Hawaii”, and that he figured it would be, so he saved that state for last. He has taken some beautiful pictures. When asked what his least favorite state was. Jennings said he doesn’t really have a least favorite, and that he thinks every state has something to see. “You just have to find it.”

I asked him if he had missed any of the comforts of home. He stated, “I’m usually good with a week away and then I’m ready to get back home. I put 14,562 miles on my car and I was ready to do another 14,000. I just loved being on the road!” Jennings documented his trip on Facebook.

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