Fayette Village Council Addresses Potential Industrial Parkway Project

VR LOGO - WEBThe Fayette Village Council convened in regular session on the evening of March 24.

Mayor Ruth Marlatt presented a brief history of the Fayette Business Park, noting its growth from the empty hulk of Fayette Tubular, into the thriving complex of businesses that it is today. Her report dovetailed with the report of Village Administrator, Steven Blue, noting that the main artery feeding the complex, Industrial Parkway, is in sorry shape. According to the businesses that rely upon Industrial Parkway, between 20,000 and 30,000 trucks arrive and depart on that stretch of roadway, per year. The toll upon the road is more than obvious.

Discussions of an improvement and widening project with the Township have been ongoing for a while, with the plan of presenting a clarified concept to Council later in 2015. Recently, it came to light that there may well be available grant funding leftover from ODOT that could be applied to the project. Being leftover though, it would need to be committed to use prior to the end of the State fiscal year. That being the case, the project has been put on the fast track, and the discussion was taken up on this evening at the meeting. “I think that we need to pursue it,” said Councilor Rodney Kessler, “…but we also need to see what all they’re (Township and ODOT) going to put into it.” Councilor Scott Wagner concurred, adding, “We can’t make a decision not knowing the financials.” After discussion, Council voted to show interest in the pursuit of the accelerated plan.

Council elected to table the third reading of Ordinance 2015-2 pertaining to the removal of debris from sidewalks. Under suspended rules of reading, Council adopted Ordinance 2015-06, adopting the State of Ohio Building Codes, and establishing the Village of Fayette Building Department.

In concert with Ordinance 2015-06, Council again suspended the rules to adopt Ordinance 2015-07. This Ordinance is a request to the Ohio Board of Building Standards to certify the Village of Fayette for the enforcement of the State of Ohio Building Codes, with the condition that the Wood County Building Inspection Department exercise enforcement authority.

Again under suspended rules of reading, Council agreed to pass Ordinance 2015-08, a supplemental appropriations change of $22,600.

Council approved April 18 as the date of the 2015 Spring Cleanup in the Village of Fayette, and approved sending VFO Karin Sauerlender to the Center for Public Investment management conference in Bowling Green.

Fayette Chief of Police, Jason Simon, reported that he had received a letter from Carpenter Technology Corporation of Latrobe Specialty Metals, referencing a response from a grant request made to the Carpenter Cares Committee for funding to purchase a solar-powered school speed limit sign. The letter, dated March 14, read as follows:

Through our Wauseon facility, we have received your request for donation. After review from our committee, we are delighted to let you know that your request has been approved. Therefore, we are pleased to make a donation of $2,000.00 toward the purchase of a solar lighted school sign. Please find enclosed a check for $2,000.00. We hope you continue on with your great work!

Leanne Rubino
Carpenter Cares Committee
Carpenter Technology Corporation
Latrobe Specialty Metals

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