Fayette Village Council Hears Reports Referencing Ongoing Water Issues

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Members of the Fayette Village Council convened in regular session on the evening of June 24 in Council chambers.

Village Administrator. Steven Blue, reported that Watson Well Drilling presented a quote of $7,201.25 for the purchase of a new well house pump, piping and shaft replacements, with the recommendation that Council approve the bid. Prior to the meeting, the Public Works Committee had reviewed and approved the bid, and later in the meeting, Council did the same.

Cummins-Bridgeway submitted a bid of $4,269.95 for repairs to the backup generator for the wells. Further damage was discovered to the main board of the generator, with rodents being the suspected culprit. Moth balls are being used to keep the rodents away, but other measures are being looked into. Council later approved the Cummins-Bridgeway quote.

A while back, the ongoing discrepancies of water pumped and water actually used brought about a call for a search for line leakage. Council approved Aqua-Line for the job, and they have reportedly found more than a few leaks. The Public Works Committee reviewed the findings, and they recommended that Council approve the purchase of repair parts from Kuhlman Corporation at a cost of $3,722.30. Council gave their consent to the purchase.

At the suggestion of Village Solicitor, Tom Thompson, Council agreed to set aside the first reading of an ordinance on lawn mowing so that the language of the measure could be improved. Another ordinance dealing with supplemental appropriations was also set aside pending clarification of costs pertaining to the water line, pump and generator work.

VFO, Karin Sauerlender, reported that a projection from Chapman and Chapman is showing a 3.34 percent increase in the insurance rates from Borma, which was found to be an agreeable increase. Ms. Sauerlender is recommending that either the Finance of Governmental Affairs Committee consider the addition of spousal language to the insurance policy.

Ms. Sauerlender continues to work on changes to the By-Laws of Council. Changes suggested to Council at the meeting included term durations, member entrance and member exit/termination procedures.

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