Hillsdale Residents Charged In Burning Man’s Body To Cover-Up Overdose Death

In a rather shocking case, 2 Hillsdale County residents are accused of burning an overdose victim’s body and car in order to cover up their connection to his illegal drug death.

Damiane Buehrer and Kristy Bumpus have been indicted on several charges related to the man’s death and the January 17, 2017 burning of his body. According to federal prosecutors in Grand Rapids, and website mlive.com, the man died from an overdose of carfentanil, a strong synthetic opiate that they allege Buehrer either gave, or sold to him.

After the man’s death “Buehrer and Bumpus conspired to destroy evidence of Buehrer’s carefentanil distribution by burning the vehicle, body, and personal effects of the overdose victim” prosecutors said. According to the indictment, Buehrer and Bumpus took the man’s blue Ford Escape from their residence in North Adams to an isolated stretch of Voorhies Road in Hillsdale County where they used gasoline to burn the vehicle with the body inside.

Buehrer has previous felony drug convictions and faces a potential of life in prison if convicted of distributing the carfentanil that caused the death.

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