Holiday City Council Discusses Village Water Tower

Several issues were discussed at a brief meeting on Thursday. All council members were present at the monthly meeting held on August 16 and 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday City Visitor’s Bureau.

Acting Mayor Shawn Clark opened the meeting, and the minutes from the July 19, 2012, meeting was approved.

Ordinance 2012 – 7, the revised well  3rd reading was tabled until the next meeting, due to the absence of the individual who was to present further information on the issue.

Resolution R-2012-5 was approved in its 3rd reading, allowing the council to collect the annual 1.6 millage from the county. Also, Resolution R-2012-6 to authorize a then-and-now purchase order for #34-2012. This was necessary because if a project is not completed on the date officially specified, a resolution must be passed that indicates that funds were available to pay for the project both before and after the date.

There were no legal report, mayor report, audit committee or utilities committee reports.

Laurie Ten-Eyck-Rupp gave the clerk/treasurers report and indicated that in July, there were $522,609.93 in deposits to the village’s account, and 496,987.02 in expenditures. A motion to pay all July bills was approved.

For the Visitor’s Bureau report on the recent Band Bash, held at the Williams County Fairgrounds in Montpelier July 13 and 14, council members stated that attendance could have been better, but the bands were good, they had nice weather, and that they would be participating again in 2013.

Council entertained discussion of providing picnic tables and a shelter for visitors to the center. Village Administrator Gary Baker said that a family of 6 had come by recently to the center, and asked about a picnic area, but when they were told that a facility was not available without driving to a nearby town, they ate from their vehicle. He said that other visitors had asked also about picnic tables being provided. Baker said that it costs between $500 – 800 for a good, durable picnic table, and he would like to see two tables set up. It would cost between $4000-5000 to pour a cement base and provide a shelter for the tables. The tables and shelter could be added to the current insurance policy. Council also asked about maintenance and trash removal. Baker will look into specifics and the subject will be discussed at the next meeting.

In his Administrator’s report, Baker said that the village’s water tower had been inspected during the last week in July. Pictures taken during the inspection were passed around to council members. They noted that the condition of the tower had not worsened, nor had it shown improvement.

Citing previous discussion of solar power for the village, Baker said that he had not received a final evaluation of the idea from AMP-Ohio, but that it wasn’t looking favorable as such a project could put the village at financial risk, and he did not want to take that risk. If solar power should be approved, the village would be buying power from the city of Napoleon’s solar grid.

Baker reported that Four Seasons restaurant is going to pour a concrete pad for a walk-in cooler.

He also told the council that the PJM Transmission group had overcharged the village, and that they will receive a $14,000 rebate each month over the next two months.

In unfinished business, council discussed the dead ash trees on Dallas Dick’s property. Councilman Dennis Hutchison noted that as of a few days ago, the three dead trees had still not been removed. He said that Jefferson township trustees had been contacted and the township is to take care of the issue.

There was no new business to be discussed. The meeting was then adjourned.

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