Missing Ohio Couple Found Dead In Nearby Vacant Homes


A man described as a person of interest in the investigation of a missing couple found dead in two nearby vacant homes is in custody but has not been charged in the killings, police said.

Both appeared to have been killed around the same time, a coroner said Tuesday.

Investigators on Monday found the body of Kyla Hayton, 20, near where her boyfriend’s body had been discovered on Friday, police said.

Hayton, who was pregnant, and her boyfriend, Todd Burkhart, 28, died from gunshots, said Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger.  Hayton’s unborn child died as a result of her death, the coroner said.

He also said they died on or around Nov. 17.

The couple was reported missing more than a week ago, two days afters they had left their home in Mansfield, 135 miles (220 kilometers) north of Dayton, and dropped off their 4-year-old daughter at the home of Hayton’s mother in Columbus.

Hayton’s car was found in Dayton last week. Police said items belonging to the couple, including clothes, were found outside the car and in a wooded area near the vacant homes where the bodies were discovered.

Police in Dayton are investigating both deaths as homicides. A person of interest in the case was arrested early Saturday on unrelated gun charges, police said.


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