Montpelier Elementary Holds Little Loco Readers Assembly

First GradeMontpelier Elementary held our Little Loco Leaders Assembly for the month of November on November 21st and I have attached our winners and their pictures to this email. Feel free to use the following write up and pictures for your papers.

“Montpelier’s elementary school held its monthly Little Loco Leaders assembly for November on Friday, November 21st, 2014. The word of the month was “Optimism” and specific students were recognized by their teachers for showing acts of optimism throughout the month. Students were taught by our guidance counselor, Miss Anderson, that saying “I think I can instead of I can’t” is what it means to be optimistic. Miss Anderson stressed to students that thinking positively, talking positively, and feeling positive is the way to go! In addition, many students showed acts of optimism throughout the month and were given the opportunity to drop their name in a bucket as a “bucket filler” to have a chance to be drawn out randomly at the assembly as well. These students were given awards that were donated to the school by local business (Taco Bell and McDonalds).


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