Montpelier Franklin B. Walter Award Winner Jacob Leung

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“I was pretty excited.” Jacob Leung expressed in a calm demeanor. “I’m not sure if I looked excited.”

The Montpelier senior had good reason for his elation, as he has been named not only his school’s winner of the Franklin B. Walter Award, but the Williams County recipient as well. A participant in Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, Student Council, and National Honor Society, in addition to being a four year Class President and three year member of the Locomotives Basketball team, there is no doubt that Leung has met the extracurricular portion of the award’s requirements.

For his teacher tribute, Leung had a wide variety of people from which he could choose. He selected Katy Brancheau, a strict grading English teacher.

“She was a difficult grader, and doesn’t let kids coast.” Leung said of Brancheau. “ I feel like I’ve learned a lot from her.”

“And she gets my sarcasm.”

As it turns out, the comment about Brancheau being a difficult grading was a bit of a display of that sarcasm. With a 3.99 GPA, an A- received in one of her classes was the only thing separating Leung from a 4.0 average.

“I don’t want to point fingers,” Leung joked. “but she is the only reason I don’t have a perfect 4.0 GPA.”

For her part, Brancheau was quite honored at Lueng’s tribute to her teaching.

“It’s awesome to be recognized by any student,” She began, “but especially by one that works as hard as Jake does.”

According to the English instructor, it’s Leung’s work ethic that puts him apart from most students.

“”He keeps pushing himself, which is a trait I really admire.”

Which may well be why Leung didn’t show much of his excitement at being named the award winner. He’s too busy thinking about the next task at hand to dwell on such things.

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