Montpelier: Woman Attacked By Animal Received Rabies Vaccine


A woman attacked by an animal April 24 was treated for rabies, but animal has not been located. The Williams County Dog Warden’s office said  May 4 the woman received a rabies shot. Searches for the animal, which may have been a large dog or coyote, did not yield results. The woman was walking her dog when the animal  came running out of the woods and attacked her  at the very end of North Pleasant Street in Montpelier. Medical attention was required.

The Williams County Dog Warden and Montpelier Police did a search of the surrounding area and were unable to locate the animal. The animal was described as a mid-size to large, dirty and straggled, thin and light colored black and white, similar to a German Shepherd and a Husky. If you know who owns this dog or you see it, please contact the dog warden office at 419-636-4659.


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