Muncie, Indiana Boy With Gun Said He ‘Might Have To Shoot’ People

MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) — A 15-year-old boy arrested with a handgun outside a central Indiana high school allegedly told an acquaintance he “might have to shoot a couple of people.”

The Muncie Central High School student was arrested Aug. 7 outside the school.

Court records filed in delinquency proceedings against the juvenile say he showed an acquaintance a handgun outside the school, saying he was bringing it to school because he had a “beef” with some people there.

That witness texted a school guard about the armed youth after he allegedly told her “he might have to shoot some people.”

Officers found a handgun and two fully loaded magazines in the boy’s shorts pocket.

Prosecutors say he’d be facing six charges, including possession of a handgun on school property, if he was an adult.

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