North Central School Board Remembers Victims

A minute of silence and prayer was given Tuesday, December 18, in remembrance of those lost in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Superintendent Ken Boyer noted that a memo had been sent out to all school personnel on Monday. North Central is one of many of the Ohio schools that has met safety standards and sent in their safety plans to the state. Those wishing to enter either building must be buzzed in as doors are locked during school hours.

Ms. Jess Tracey, agricultural instructor and advisor for the FFA (Future Farmers of America) was present to thank the board for sending FFA representatives to their annual conference. She said that the club gardens 10 acres near the track, and that through profits from the sales and other fund raisers, the group has given back $2700 to the community. She hopes attend board meetings a couple times per year so that the board is aware of what the club is doing.

The consent agenda was passed, approving the minutes from the November meeting; financial statements and investments from November; and the hiring of Larry Salisbury as substitute custodian.
The treasurer’s report was approved, which allows the following appropriation additions:

General Fund Amount
IDEA Part B Grants

  • $50.00

Title !!-A Improving Teacher Quality

  • $1,015.94

Total General Fund

  • $1,065.94

Treasurer Eric Smeltzer said that the Fiscal Year 2012 audit, which is usually completed by this time, had not yet begun due to a delay at the state level. Auditors have been available to begin the audit process, but it is expected to be completed in January. The audit committee will meet in January.

In his report, Superintendent Ken Boyer said that due to a change in the law dealing with dates for teacher evaluations, a policy/by-law revision was needed. The board voted to suspend rules and approved the revision. This allowed the dates to be changed from the last day of March to June 1st.
Elementary Principal Paul Jones said that results had been received on the 3rd grade achievement tests. The tests measured what students should know by the end of 3rd grade, and North Central students did very well, with 79% of the students passing the test. The state average is 71%.
Middle School/High School Principal Tim Rettig was excited to share about the pilot Laptop Initiative Program. Current Office had 237 used computers that were two years old at a price of $75 each that could be purchased for high school students. They are expected to be delivered around the second week of January, at which time they will be worked on before delivery to students late in the month. Before students can receive the computers, there will be a fee for usage as part of a self-insurance program for the laptops, and students and their parents will be required to meet with staff. Students will not have the option to purchase the computers at the end of this year, as these will be passed on to lower grades as additional computers are provided for high school students. It is Rettig’s hope that all students will eventually have access to laptops. As students are increasingly being required to be computer competent for state tests, this will help district students be prepared. The board passed a motion allowing the laptops to be purchased.

Craig Meyers returned to further discuss plans for a football league for North Central. He said that he was hoping to begin the season in 2013, but Mr. Boyer indicated that 2014 may be more reasonable. Boyer added that before the program could be approved, they would need to see funding met at certain benchmarks and that there would need to be a timeline for achievement of funds and for work to begin. Boyer is comfortable with the proposal, but wants allowances made for additional funds in case the cost of the project is more than estimated. He complimented the committee for their thorough report.
In final business, the board set the date for their organizational meeting. It will be held Monday, January 14, 2013 at 7:30 a.m. The date for the next normally held board meeting will be decided at that time. Shane Martin was appointed President Pro-Tem until a president is elected at the January 2013 organizational meeting.


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