Northwest Ohio & Beyond Honors Randall Smith Killed In Chattanooga Shooting

Motorcycle riders from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan and other states from as far as Arizona participated in a procession of motorcycles to the Randall Smith memorial service on Aug. 1, 2015 in Paulding, Ohio. Eric Holzer of Napoleon, who retired from the Navy, helped organize the procession. He estimates 700 motorcycles and 1,000 riders were in attendance. “It was a procession of volunteers who wanted to pay their respects,” Holzer said. “We wanted to give comfort and support to the community.” They represented many different groups, including chapters of Combat Veterans of America, AMVETS riders, Patriot Guard, Freedom Riders, Returning American Warriors and American Legion Riders. Some riders were not affected with any organizations. “I’ll never know every name of every rider, no one in your village will know every name, but they will never forget the day when hundreds of riders came in to pay their respects to someone from their hometown,” Holzer said.

Video posted by Paulding County Progress / photos and information also courtesy of the Progress


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