Quadco Board Looks To Broaden Mission Statement

NEWSPAPER LOGOQuadco Rehabilitation Center(QRC) board members will be considering the revision of their mission statement for the center as well as other short term and long term issues as they head into planning sessions in the months ahead.

Speaking at the regular monthly Administrative/Non-Profit Board meeting on Tuesday (Feb. 25), QRC Executive Director Bruce Abell said he felt the board members should consider revising the present mission statement, telling them that the trend is to go with broader statements.

He distributed a list of mission statements from 50 well-known non-profit organizations that all had statements generally running from 6 to 15 words. He said more concise statements are easier to remember.

He said a new mission statement for QRC is part of an evolution of change that he sees the organization making for the future.

He explained that one of the trends he has noted is the emphasis being placed on seeing individuals with disabilities go from facility-based services to community-based options, such as community employment.

In order to respond to that, Mr. Abell said he sees the need to broaden the mission of QRC to provide a wider array of services. These services would include not only individuals with disabilities but others who are in need of quality services that QRC could provide.

He told the board members that he envisions QRC looking at a “broader focus of the kind of services that we would provide that would be of assistance to people as they work towards independence whether they have disabilities or not.”

Working with individuals who do not have disabilities is not a new concept at QRC. For many years, the local county Jobs and Family Services agencies have referred individuals to QRC for a variety of services including job training and skill development.

The board members will consider the mission statement and other short term and long term issues as they hold their annual planning session at their meeting in March. Mr. Abell says he believes the discussion will lead to further planning sessions at upcoming meetings.

Sharon von Seggern, manager of QRC’s Northwest Employment Services, said that the center has been providing community employment services in the area for many years and that there are several members of the service who are in the process of becoming approved providers for Employment First employment services.

Bill Priest, director of marketing, reported that the center received some donations recently. He said GenFed Financial credit union in Bryan presented QRC with a check for $604.

As part of an annual community service project, the credit union has been holding an event the last several years during the Christmas season to benefit the people at QRC. This past year they raised money by holding a raffle of a large gift basket from Stoney Ridge Farm and Winery that included over $200 worth of local merchants gifts and certificates that were donated for the cause.

Mr. Priest also said that memorials in the memory of Dave Schlosser were received as was a donation from Quadco board member Herb Gurwell and his wife, Marie.



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