Quadco Financial Conditions Continue To Show Improvement

VR LOGO - WEBImproving financial conditions at Quadco are continuing according to Bruce Abell, Executive Director. Speaking to board members at the regular monthly meeting of the Quadco Administrative and Non-Profit Boards on Tuesday (Oct. 28), Mr. Abell pointed to figures that show a growth in their finances, just as they had in the previous month.

Mr. Abell said the result has come from the tireless efforts of people throughout the center.

“Each department has contributed to this,” he told the board members, pointing to the positive financial report. “I hope to see this continuing into the months ahead,” he said.

In his report to the board members, Mr. Abell noted the strength they have seen in the sales of cardboard pallets made by people at the center. He said there has been an increased interest in cardboard pallets, and he expects more companies will want to use them since they are clean and easily recycled.

Program Director Philip Zuver noted that the center currently makes 63 different sizes of cardboard pallets and will soon be adding 61 additional sizes to meet the demands of buyers, virtually doubling the sizes they can build.

After finding transportation requests low and difficulty in obtaining drivers, Mr. Abell told the board members he was recommending that the center discontinue offering individual transportation services through The Ride in Williams County.

“We haven’t generated very much interest in people wanting transportation through The Ride, and we’ve had a hard time getting drivers,” he told the board members. He said that often the requests are for single trips, so providing those rides has proven costly. He said the charges fail to cover the cost to provide the service.

Mr. Abell said the center would not be reapplying for the grants this year for The Ride.

He told the board members that what they have found in operating the service is that the Williams County agencies already provide rides for people and the center never found that many unmet needs that could be provided through The Ride.

The center does plan to continue to be the transportation plan coordinator and provide trips for groups when it is possible.

The policy for board self-evaluation was reviewed. Mr. Abell noted that most board members gave high marks in the evaluation questions. After looking at the results, he said that the members indicated they may want to explore more about how the strategic three-year plan relates to decisions they make.

The board members also mentioned that they wanted to review board attendance and discuss whether to extend the number of terms a member can serve.

Presently, a board member can serve up to 3 three-year terms, and a board member asked if they should consider changing it to 4 three-year terms.

Mr. Abell said the by-laws could be changed to allow the extension. Two board members who are about to reach the end of their third term indicated that they were planning to complete their service, while a couple other board members said they were interested in continuing to serve on the board.

Mr. Abell reminded the board members that just because the number of terms was raised to four terms, it wouldn’t mean that a board member would have to complete them. The board member and the board can choose if they want to continue each of their terms.

The board members decided they would continue their discussion of the matter at their next meeting.

Copies of the revised budget for 2015 were distributed to the board members. Mr. Abell said the board members could take time to review the budget and prepare to take action on it at the next meeting.

Bill Priest, Director of Marketing, said the Inservice training day on Nov. 3 will include a variety of topics. Staff members will be in sessions that include the One Step at a Time organization, activities that make holidays special, delegated staff, Kailtlyn’s Cottage, NAMI and the Health Partners of Western Ohio, and writing UI reports.

The next meeting of the board will be on Nov. 25 in the Stryker main conference room.

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