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Evergreen 45, Swanton 14 – The Vikings moved to 5-0 in league play with a easy 45-14 voctory over the Bulldogs. Haili Mossing, with a 15 point effort, led Evergreen is scoring. Other Vikings in the score column included: Eden Eisel with seven, Rachael Noe with six, Hanna Herr with four, Jamie Vanlooke with three, and Alyssa Noe with  two.

Archbold 41, Wauseon 34 – After the Indians held the Streaks to 24 points through three quarters, Archbold lit the scoreboard up for 17 in the final stanza to escape Wauseon with their fifth league long versus one loss. The Streaks were led in scorin by Kierstyn Repp with 12 and Kamryn Hostetler finished with 10. The Indians got nine from Anna Marshall and Karli Penrods eight points to lead Wauseon.

Delta 57, Bryan 55 – The Bears Bryan scored 20 fourth  quarter points but came up just short in their two-point loss to the Panthers.


North Central 17, Pettisville 15 7th grade – (No game stats were received)

Pettisville 28, North Central 18 8th grade – (No game stats were received)


North Central 48, Hicksville 47 8th grade –  The Eagles got 18 points from Levi Williams and 10 from Landon Patten to help them to victory.

Hicksville 49, North Central 29 7th grade –  Scoring points for the Eagles were Roman Sutton with 14. Ben Turner with 9. And Luke Zuver and Adam Bentley with three points apiece.


Wauseon 97, Bryan 60, Springfield 21 

Boys 200 Medley Relay: 1st Wauseon, (Nicholas Dilworth, Lucas Blanchong, Mac Warncke, Christian Suarez) 2:01.81; 2nd Wauseon (Kyle Vernot, Caleb Blanchong, Austin Schuette, Cam Sauber.) 2:01.89; 3rd Bryan (Jonathan Roberts, Zach Pittman, Justin Doty, Jarrett Pittman) 2:01.91. 200 Free Style: 1st Nicholas Dilsworth, Wauseon 1:59.72; 2nd Will Jackson, Bryan 2:02.16; 3rd Lukas Dominque, Wauseon 2:03.02; 200 IM: 1st Ryan Scherer, Wauseon, 2:14.40; 2nd Michael Sheridan, Bryan 2:19.81, 3rd Mac Warncke, Wauseon, 2:28.09. 50 Free Style: 1st Kyle Brooks, Springfield, 24.97; 2nd Seth Hutchison, Wauseon 25.03, 3rd Bobby Kimble. Bryan 25:61.  1-metter Diving: 1st Parker Harris Bryan 102.65, 2nd Tony Schweinhagen Wauseon 1.46. 100 Butterfly: 1st Michael Sheridan Bryan 1:02.53,  2nd Mac Warncke, Wauseon 1:03.85; 3rd Justin Doty, Bryan 1:08.05. 100 Free Style: 1st Will Jackson, Bryan 54.27; Seth Hutchison. Wauseon 56.32; Lukas Dominque, Wauseon 56.41. 500 Free Style: 1st Austin Schuette. Wauseon 5:14.41, 2nd Kyle Vernot. Wauseon 5:50.51, 3rd Kyle Brooks. Springfield 5:59.72. 200 Free Style Relay: 1st Wauseon (Hutchison. Scherer. Dilworth. Schuette) 1:38.60. 2nd Bryan (Kimble. Sheridan. Mason King. Jackson) 1:44.14. 3rd Wauseon (C. Blanchong. Zach Fink. Dominque. Suarez) 1:48.50. 100 Back Stroke: Dilworth Wauseon, 1:05.17, 2nd Roberts, Bryan 1:10.27, 3rd Dan Krueckeberg Springfield, 1:13.40. 100 Breast Stroke: 1st Scherer. Wauseon 1:09.40, 2nd Caleb Blanchong. Wauseon 1:15.91, 3rd Mason King. Bryan 1:19.03. 400 yard Free Style Relay: 1st Wauseon (Warncke. Scherer. Hutchison, Schuette) 3:41.50, 2nd Bryan (Sheridan, Kimble. King, Jackson) 3:50.20, 3rd Wauseon (Aaron Beck, Lucas Blanchong, Christian Suarex. Kyle Vernot) 4:23.14.


Wauseon 99, Bryan 71, Springfield 8, Archbold 3 

200 Medley Relay: 1st Bryan (Izzy Rigg. Ashleigh Franks, Hannah Wynne, Elizabeth Huard) 2:01.02, 2nd Wauseon (Sydney Baynes. Harley Serres, Mikayla Russell, Jaydelin Vasvery) 2:32.02.  200 Free Style: 1st Kasey Darnell. Wauseon 2:06.07, 2nd Izzy Rigg, Bryan 2:08.72, 3rd Alexis Meyer. Wauseon 2:13.43, 200 IM: 1st Sydney Darnell, Wauseon 2:14.28, 2nd Alexys Carteaux. Wauseon 2:30.11. 3rd Hannah Wynne, Bryan 2:34.04. 50 Free Style: 1st McKenzie Darnell, Wauseon 25.69, 2nd Ashleigh Franks, Bryan 25.72, 3rd Amanda Stutzman Wauseon 27.88. 1-metter Diving: 1st Patience Bachman. Wauseon 197.15, 2nd Alexys Carteaux, Wauseon 168.95, 3rd Kate Grothaus, Bryan 150.85. 100 Butterfly: 1st Sydney Darnell. Wauseon 59.84, 2nd Hannah Wynne. Bryan 1:09.96, 3rd Elli Hageman, Bryan 1:43.84. 100 Free Style: 1st Ashleigh Franks. Bryan 55:29, 2nd McKenzie Darnell. Wauseon 55.79, 3rd Mim Beck. Archbold 1:00.05. 500 Free Style: Kasey Darnell. Wauseon 5:31.38, 2nd Kate Precht. Wauseon 6:06.57, 3rd Breanne Gartee. Springfield 7:37.26. 200 Free Style Relay: 1st Wauseon (McKenzie Darnell, Alexis Meyer. Kasey Darnell, Sydney Darnell) 1:44.23, 2nd Bryan (Izzy Rigg, Elizabeth Huard, Hannah Wynne, Ashleigh Franks) 1:48.81, 3rd Wauseon (Kate Precht, Amanda Stutzman, Alexys Carteaux. Sydney Baynes) 1:53.94. 100 Back Stroke: 1st Izzy Rigg. Bryan 1:06.52, 2nd Ashley Koenn, Bryan 1:17.90, 3rd Mikayla Russell, Wauseon 1:25.95.  100 Breast Stroke: 1st Kate Precht. Wauseon 1:24.90, 2nd Elizabeth Huard. Bryan 1:28.30. 3rd Harley Serres. Wauseon 1:30.95.  400 yard Free Style Relay: 1st Wauseon (Amanda Stutzman, Alexis Meyer. Kasey Darnell. McKenzie Darnell) 3:56.17, 2nd Wauseon (Audrey Thacker, Harley Serres, Mikayla Russell. Jaydenlin Vasvery) 5:10.33.

Coaches & Parents (Williams & Fulton County Schools): Please email your Varsity, JV, Freshman & Junior High stats/results to or fax us at (877) 778-9425 after the completion of each contest for publication both online and within our weekly print product.

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