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The Village Reporter

A Note About Free & Paid News Coverage

Readers have supported our local newspaper dating back to the 1870’s by purchasing either a subscription and/or copies for sale at local stores.  This paid support is how we cover our expenses.  From time to time we receive online complaints when our local news stories require a paid subscription to review.  Our answer is simple, like all local small businesses, we cannot give our products and services away for free.

When filling up your car the gas station payment is required to cover fuel costs.  When picking up bread at a grocery store, payment is required to cover inventory expenses.  When the electric bill is due, payment is required to keep the lights on.  The Village Reporter is no different as we are not a free socialized government program, each story we provide has expenses associated with writers, photographers, designers, those laying out the content, editors, etc.

For about the price of a king-sized candy bar per week, readers can receive hundreds of weekly hours of local efforts to bring forth local news (just $2.00 per week) by our hard-working local staff.

Free content available online to non-subscribers will continue to include important health information, obituaries, community safety alerts, etc.

The Village Reporter will continue to publish for free (print and online) obituaries for families that are grieving the loss of loved ones in the same fashion as we always have (some newspapers charge large fees) as we consider this service a community ministry program.

Thank you for supporting our family-owned, local team member-operated newspaper!