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Updated January 2020

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Serving The Greater Williams County – Fulton County Areas Of Northwest Ohio

General Information

• Weekly edition published each week on Wednesday mornings – 52 editions per year.

• Weekly news content is identical within both the print and online editions.

• Billed advertisement is due by the 15th of the month.  A late fee of 5% or $2 minimum is charged for past due invoices.  Major credit cards accepted.

Why Market With “The Village Reporter”?

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE – MINIMAL PRICE – Advertisement is published within our weekly print product while also inserted online next to web content for no additional cost for an entire week.  Online advertisement is also linked to the client’s website and/or social media page (no additional costs).

OPTIONS – The Village Reporter offers a large circulation in comparison to many smaller weekly newspapers generally at rates equal to or more affordable than other media outlets.

WELL READ – Weekly newspapers composed of local news are read from front to back, giving your advertisement excellent exposure.

SHELF LIFE – Advertisement in weekly newspapers makes sense: (1) Long Shelf Life, (2) More Affordable Rates Compared To Larger Daily Papers With A Short Shelf Life, (3) Highly Desired Local News Next To Your Promotion.

UNIQUE NEWS – A high percentage of Hometown News printed each week by The Village Reporter cannot be read, heard, or watched anywhere else.  Readers can flip through regional television channels, search web sites online, listen to the radio, enjoy coffee talk at a local restaurant, or even dig through larger daily papers.  Even if readers had enough time to do all this, they would still miss the majority of their local news!  Placing your advertisement next to LOCAL news will grab the attention of LOCAL consumers.

Readership (Formerly Circulation)

Newspapers in the past used a term known as “circulation” when assisting local businesses and government entities market their products and services through placed advertisement.  Circulation was simply how many physically printed newspapers were distributed overall and/or to a particular zip code.

With the introduction of the internet, website exposure, along with social media; some newspapers including The Village Reporter have slowly ventured away from utilizing “circulation” numbers with “readership” numbers.  “Readership” is simply a combination calculation of traditional print circulation numbers along with online exposure – a more accurate tracking system as newspapers across the country continue to drift more towards online publishing.



• Print Circulation (Weekly Average) = 1,045 x 2.5 (National Average Of Readers Per Sold Newspaper) =2,612 Print Readers
• Advertisement Loads On Website  = Weekly Average = 22,431 
• Total December 2019 Readership Per Weekly Edition Average = 25,043

(Example: $100 Advertisement Placed = $100 / number of times ad appeared in print & online = less than 4/10th of one penny per appearance)

*Website statistics monitored and tallied by Google Analytics. 
*Print circulation numbers audited by annual Postal Statement Of Ownership, Print Press records, along with USPS Postal One mailing records. 

Print & Web Advertisement

Print Column Sizes

1 Column ………………… 1.6 Inches

2 Columns ……………….. 3.5 Inches

3 Columns ……………….. 5.3 Inches

4 Columns ……………….. 7.1 Inches

5 Columns ……………….. 8.9 Inches

6 Columns ……………….. 10.75 Inches

*Term PCI = Per Column Inch

Open Rates

$7.50 – PCI (Civic & Charity Groups)

$8.50 – PCI (For Profit Organizations)

$50 – Add Spot Color To Your Advertisement

$100 – Add Full Color To Your Advertisement

Discounted Open Rates

$400 Half Page (Free Full Color) = $6.34 PCI.
(63 Column Inches x $8.50  + $100 Color = $635.50. (37% Discount @ $400)

$500 Full Page (Free Full Color) = $3.96 PCI.
(126 Column Inches x $8.50  + $100 Color = $1,171. (57% Discount @ $500)

Bulk Advertisement Discount 

*Column Inches Purchased Within A 12 Month Time Frame (Contract PCI Discount – Open Rate $8.50 PCI).

500 Inches Per Year                $8.25 PCI

1000 Inches Per Year              $8.00 PCI

1500 Inches Per Year              $7.75 PCI

2000 Inches Per Year              $7.50 PCI

2500 Inches Per Year              $7.25 PCI

3000 Inches Per Year              $7.00 PCI

3500 Inches Per Year              $6.75 PCI

4000 Inches Per Year              $6.50 PCI

Special Section Rates

Shop At Home Business Directory – (Weekly) – $12.00 Per Week / Free Featured Business Rotation

Hometown Huddle Sponsorship (Weekly) – $12.00 Signature Ad /$20.00 Business Card

Church Page Sponsorship (Weekly) – $12.00 Signature Ad /$20.00 Business Card

Front Page Banner (Full Color) – $200.00 (As Available On Print Publication)

Community Calendar (Weekly) – $20.00 Standing Business Card

Classified Advertisement (Prepaid Only) – $8.00 For 1-20 Words; $10.00 For 20-40 Words; +$2 Each Additional 20 Word Block

Flyers / Inserts – $.10 Cents Per Flyer Inserted Into Print Publication

Website Only Ads

$25 Side Ad (Weekly) – Appears Next To Website Stories (Right Side) & Can Link To Your Business Website Or Facebook Page.

$100 TOP Banner Ad (per week) – Appears On Home Page & Top Of All Stories.