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Holiday Gift Subscription

Dear Faithful Subscriber(s):

A few years ago, we offered a popular holiday gift-giving opportunity where our current newspaper subscribers could earn free subscription time in exchange for purchasing gift subscription certificate(s).  We appreciate your support this year and would like to offer this exchange once again.

To take advantage, simply purchase a gift subscription for a current non-subscriber (offer not valid for subscription renewals) and we will extend your subscription time by the certificate length you choose.  This is not a receive $5 for spending $25 restaurant gift card, this is a 100% dollar for dollar match! 

Example – If your subscription is due in March 2022 and you purchase an annual gift subscription for one year during the Holiday Season 2021, we will distribute the gift certificate per your instructions AND extend your subscription until March 2023 (equal time) for free.  There is no limit to this offer, buy as many gift subscriptions as you would like to extend your subscription equal time.

Typically, subscribers claiming this offer requested gift card(s) mailed to them so they could distribute to their loved ones appropriately during the holiday season.  This year, if you would like us to mail or email gift card(s) directly to a recipient, we can do that as well, simply indicate your choice in the form below and list your desired distribution date in the “Special Instructions” field.

Will you consider supporting local / family-owned business this year by purchasing the unique subscription gift certificate(s)?

In a time when supply demands are not being met, store shelves are struggling to stay stocked, and most gifts come from physical and/or online megastores (products largely made overseas); this offer benefits our customers while helping support the LOCAL economy this holiday season.

If you have questions, please email Casey Church ( or by calling her at (419) 485-4851 during normal business hours.

Thank you for your consideration!

Forrest R. Church, Publisher

Gift Subscriptions