Stryker Panther Pack Holds Out Of School Food Distribution Event

OutOfSchoolFoodDistribution WEBWhat have you accomplished since school has been out of session for the 2015 Summer Break? Within the first week of their summer vacation, Stryker siblings, Emma, Sean and Dean Shindledecker, founders of Panther Packs, have already managed to assemble, organize and implement a community-wide event on their own!

On Friday, June 5th Panther Packs, Inc. held its first “Out Of School Food Distribution” event at Stryker Local Schools where the founders of Panther Packs handed out numerous amounts of food to help feed the children of Stryker, Ohio and their families. Many, many families were touched by the outstretched arms of Panther Packs that day. It took a few days for Panther Packs to box up canned and non-perishable foods which were divided into food groups and placed into piles according to the number of individuals in each family. The organized items were then picked up by the families who expressed a prior need. Panther Packs was fortunate enough to provide each requesting family with anywhere from 6 – 10+ meals. Due to the widespread generosity and support of the community, patrons were given the added bonus of receiving frozen pizzas!

The intent behind this event was to help provide the families of Stryker who had utilized and benefited from the tireless efforts of the Panther Packs bookbag program during the school year with a few extra meals to have on hand during the summer months when school is not in session. All residents of Stryker were invited and welcomed to attend the free food giveaway and receive the frozen pizzas, even if they did not pre-register! “We had a tremendous amount of participation from the community today!

Everyone was very thankful. This was a very good day.” stated Emma Shindledecker. “Giving away the food to people was fun!” exclaimed Dean Shindledecker. Sean Shindledecker mentioned, “This was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it to help all of the people! You should have seen the smiles on their faces!”

Emma, Sean and Dean Shindledecker are extremely thankful they were able to help as many families as they did. There was a very large percentage of families who took part in the day’s Food Distribution event. The Panther Pack Founders all expressed a desire to be able to hold another Food Distribution Day some time in the future, as well as, other fundraising events to keep this program in the the school and in the community. To be the first to know about future Panther Pack, Inc. activities, please like the Panther Packs Facebook page.


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