Bryan City Council Agrees To Annexations & Creation Of New Fire Department Post

As a result of actions taken by Bryan City Council at their October 3 regular session, 3.62 acres of Pulaski Township were annexed into the city.

A 0.34-acre parcel at 1120 Buffalo Road and owned by Brett and Martha Hulbert was annexed under Ordinance 9-2016, and two lots totaling 3.28 acres, located at 15091 and 15115 County Road C, and owned by Nathan and Janice Gardner and Daryle G. Lorntz, were annexed under Ordinance 40-2016. Action was originally sought at the July Council meeting, but deferred until approval was granted by the Williams County Commissioners, who gave their consent at a September 12 hearing.

Council approved two personnel-related measures. In order to provide the best protective coverage, City Fire Chief Bruce Siders petitioned Council for the creation of a part-time firefighter position on the Bryan Fire Department. Chief Siders said, “The Fire Department needs to supplement the current delivery model that we have. In order to do that, we need to create the position of a part-time firefighter within the department.” Resolution 27-2016, establishing the requested position, was adopted without dissent under suspended rules of reading. Also, having completed his one-year probationary status as of October 6, Council directed that police officer Mason Zuck be moved from probationary to full-time status.

After a change of ownership at the Bryan Drive-Thru, 1108 South Main Street, a requested transfer of the liquor license was granted by Council, and a building permit was granted to Nihart Enterprises for the construction of two mini storage units at 213 E. Edgerton Street, which is in the area of the northeast corner of East Edgerton and North Walnut Streets.

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