Lights, Camera, Queens Of Edon 2014 Contestants Are Queens With A Cause

edon pageant  (35)WEBA total of seventeen girls showed grace and poise as they competed for various titles during the 2014 Queens of Edon pageant held on Saturday, July 26. With a theme of Lights, Camera, Queens of Edon, there was plenty of glitz and glamour throughout the pageant.

Still, the beautiful seventeen girls who took the stage showed that they also have beautiful hearts. The younger two age division showed their hearts by showing their support of one another on the stage and by giving heartfelt thanks to all of those that made their participation in the event possible. The older two age divisions showed how much they truly care for their community by sharing with the judges and audience their community concentrations, a pageant requirement that allows each girl to give back to the community in a way that is significant to her.

Girls in each of the four age divisions – Little Miss, Jr. Miss, Teen Miss, and Edon Miss competed in Casual Wear and Introductions, Evening Wear, and Question and Answer segments before the pageant took a fifteen minute intermission to tabulate scores. While only some girls won awards and titles, all of the girls gave a stellar performance and worked to ensure that the entire Village of Edon won as well.

Awards given, by division, were:

Miss Edon
2014 Miss Edon – Crista Wortkoetter
First Runner Up – Alexis Mitchell
Miss Congeniality – Crista Wortkoetter
Miss Photogenic – Alex Mitchell

Teen Miss Edon
2014 Teen Miss Edon – Melody Nofziger
First Runner Up – Hailea Julian
Miss Congeniality – Mallory Trausch
Miss Photogenic – Mallory Trausch

Jr. Miss Edon
2014 Jr. Miss Edon – Kerrin Towers
First Runner Up – Brianna Herr
Miss Congeniality – Courtney Heinze
Miss Photogenic – Joslyn Horne

Little Miss Edon
2014 Little Miss Edon – Hayleigh Angeli
First Runner Up – Alexis Dulle
Miss Congeniality – Alexis Dulle
Miss Photogenic – Aurora Kuhn

A special “People’s Choice” Award was also given to Mallory Trausch.

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