Another Reason That Small Town America Is The Best…The Kids!


The kids of the Fayette Schools have had the unenviable task of leading their community through heartbreaking sorrow when their classmates were lost to disease and tragedy. Each time that they were forced to pass through the refiners fire though, they emerged stronger, with a close-knit association that blurs the line between family and just community. If there is one other thing that came from these trials, it is an unswerving dedication to each other that transcends life…these kids do not, cannot and will not forget those who no longer walk with them in this life.

On Senior Night in Fayette this evening, two seniors stood where three should have been. Those two, Jena Myers and Madelyn Maginn, went into the stands to present their warmups to the mother of the third, Mikayla Smith, who passed away just prior to the start of the school year.

When it comes to leadership qualities, the kids of Fayette, by suffering through pain and loss, have taught many an adult a master class in perseverance through pain. They never took the easy way out by sweeping everything under the rug…they retained their dignity, and preserved the dignity of their classmates by clinging fast to, and cherishing the memories of their classmates.

We’ve got some great kids ’round these parts!

Below are the comments the community has shared on our Facebook page.

[quote style=”3″ author=”Fumy Methodist”]Well said as always! Kirk Keiser said it best at Kellen’s benefit, “Fayette may not be a great place to come, but its a GREAT place to come from”! I will never forget that and moments like tonight help remind us of that! Love & miss you Kellen Keiser & Mikayla Smith[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Tyler Dean Gorsuch”]I love fayette more than anything! Reasons like this are why. In the marine corps people always tell other guys they are from the closest city to them, and I just tell them I’m from a little one stop light town called fayette ohio! Proud of all these kids and what they have over come![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Nelson Barnhiser”]This is something special. I’m off to college now but I talk about this stuff every chance I get. My favorite topic is when people ask me about my K-Bob bracelet. It feels great getting to share my experiences and stories of Kellen with complete strangers. Never forget where you came from![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Sarah Marlatt Petrie”]Love my hometown & the people in it. The foundation of love & support from home is always there, no matter how far away we go or how long we’re away. It warms my heart to know that the close ties never break.[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Nichole Miller Houston”]Wow and that is why I am proud to say I was a child that grew up in fayette! I have been away for 17 tears but still call Fayette home and I am so proud of the closeness that comes out of small towns!!! Big hugs Jenny she is and always will be looking over you all![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Allison Cuff”]Can’t agree enough Tuki![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Kirk Keiser”]Thank you Robyn[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Steven Cowboycasanova Whetro”]Proud to be from Fayette always will be strong community united[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Jason Brandie Bailey”]We have some kids in our small communities to be very proud of.[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Jamie Sly”]Agreed Robyn and well said Tim…….Love to call this place:)[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”William Robert Balough”]Madelyn Maginn hooah[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Miriam Frank”] I’m sure that meant so much to Mikayla’s mother and family. Continued prayers for healing for the entire Fayette community.[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Richard Cooley”]Agree- Fayeete was a wonderful place to grow up in. God, family and community= Fayette[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Pam Winslow”]Tears!!!️ God bless you all!!![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Amanda Galloway”]Beautiful[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Jessica Rupp Waites”]God bless the kids always and forever. We all have to grow up to soon and too fast!!![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Tina Snider”]Awesome. I am so proud of the kids my husband has watched grow up through the years. They all have grown into super adults and are stronger despite all the tragedy that has fallen upon them.[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Tracy Elson”]This is a well written piece to express to a community who has lost a great person!![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Gloria Raby”]Beautiful kids, small towns are the Best![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Steph Schnitkey”]Thats small towns are all about![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Michael Deffely Sr.”]awesome[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Kristen Welch Lauber”]What an honor[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Tyler Dean Gorsuch”]Rah!![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Allison Cuff”]I agree Nelson Barnhiser! I love telling about Kellen Keiser and what he was to our community and how close we Are! And now about Mikayla Smith…everyone asked and they barley know Her and always say she’s such a beautiful girl how could she…but tellin stories about this community and then two are always hard but I enjoy talking about them[/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Stacey Martin”]So sweet![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Shelley Linebrink Mcnutt”]Wow!!![/quote]

[quote style=”3″ author=”Shannah Lopez”]These kids are amazing.. I’m wiping away tears! Growing up in a small town makes all the difference in the world![/quote]

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  1. Sarah Altstaetter | February 15, 2014 at 9:09 am | Reply

    I am so proud to have become a part of this community. The love and support these kids share each other is astounding. I have seen first hand how welcoming the Fayette kids are to each other and to newcomers. I love this community!

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