Brian Carlan Guest Speaker At Stryker Rotary

Brian Carlan was the speaker for the regular meeting of the Stryker Rotary. Brian took Steve Casebere’s position at Bryan Municipal Utilities as Utilities Director. Brian started with the Utility in the communications department many years ago, he moved to the Electric Utility area before taking his current position. The utility is somewhat unique is that it has two governing bodies. City council approves the budget while the Board of Public Affairs in the governing agent. Brian said he thought only three utilities are governed in this manner in the state of Ohio. Brian indicated that the city is in a good position to enjoy stable electrical rates for the next few years, and work is ongoing to find long term purchases of power to extend this stability even further. The city also generates power when the conditions are right and uses it’s generation to add even more stability to electrical rates. Its generation includes hydroelectric, and solar that run on a continuous basis, with gas power generation added on an as needed basis. Brian did express his concern over water rates for the future because Bryan’s infrastructure for water is ageing and although an aggressive plan has been implemented to replace old lines and equipment the expense is very high. He is concerned that the water rates will have to be increased in future to offset some of these updating costs. Brian is pictured with and spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotarian Nicki Basset.


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