Cancer Assistance Of Williams County Stages Annual Bike To The Bridge Event

B2TB - TK 008 WEBLiving in a small population area can prove taxing when your event shares the same date and time slot as other, bigger, and more established events. Such was speculated to be the case on August 6 as Cancer Assistance of Williams County (CAWC) staged their annual Bike to the Bridge event.

Turnout for the annual event, the biggest fundraiser of the year for CAWC, was markedly lower this year as opposed to others. There was plenty of speculation as to why turnout was lower, ranging from the threat of high heat and humidity levels, to event competition. The Bike to the Bridge event promised and delivered on activities galore for the whole family, but it was still in direct competition for time with simultaneously operating events like Edon Days and the Fayette Bull Thistle event.

Despite the less than expected turnout, no attendee departed the staging area of the Williams County Fairgrounds without having a great time, a standard for the Bike to the Bridge event that never changes, regardless of weather or turnout. Additional events new to the event for 2016, like the Color Run/Walk and the motorcycle ride, drew new participants to the event. Cyclists had three routes from which to choose, ranging from 50 miles down to a 10 mile course. Upon returning, there were raffles and plenty of food available, including hot dogs being grilled up by members of the Lion’s Club. Also awaiting was entertainment in the form of the guitar wizardry of John Reichle.

As the Bike to the Bridge fiscal year came to a close with the end of the event, the total raised tallied up to $7,006.57. It may seem like a big chunk of change, but bear in mind that as of the end of June, 2016, CAWC was serving 335 Williams County residents who were battling cancer. The need for funds is more than real…it is profound.

As said many times before, Cancer Assistance of Williams County is exactly what its name implies. They provide desperately needed assistance for cancer patients in Williams County. Being a private organization, their funding comes exclusively from local donations and fundraising events.

When they say ‘assistance’, CAWC compresses a veritable laundry list into a single word. On any given day, with any given client, ‘assistance’ could mean medications, transportation, wigs, medical supplies, lodging, food and meals, prosthetics, shoe lifts and other aids, medical services, memorials and special circumstances, or a combination of any of these. This assistance does not come free to CAWC, hence the need for fundraisers like Bike to the Bridge.

A new Bike to the Bridge fiscal cycle is now underway, and donations are desperately needed. Your Williams County family, friends and neighbors are in need of help as they battle the monster called cancer. CAWC needs your support to be able to continue to serve at the current levels, at the very least. Your call to 419-636-0079 with an offer of support will do more than offer help to a Williams County cancer patient in need. It will also offer a most precious commodity that is getting harder to find these days…that of hope.

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