DELTA VILLAGE COUNCIL: Preliminary Designs For New City Pool Discussed

The Delta Village Council held their meeting on Monday, December 20th at 5:30 p.m. The meeting was called to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council first moved to approve the minutes from the previous meeting that took place on December 6th. Council then invited any member of the public up who wished to speak.

Beth Thomas spoke and questioned the amendment to Ordinance 2021-21 which was on the agenda for the evening. Mr. Peebles explained that Mr. Heban will be explaining the amendment when they reach that specific legislation.

Mr. Peebles then proceeded to give council his Administrator’s Report. A preliminary design for the proposed pool and amenities was received and shown to the board.

The design and expected cost were explained to council with it being said that once the final design is submitted, a meeting will be held to discuss financing.

Mr. Peebles then informed council that a grant award was announced by the State for the water line connection. The design is finished but a few more details need to be handled.

Legislation should be given to council by the next meeting that will allow the city to bid the project out. It was then explained that, during an employee meeting that took place on December 8th, the Juneteenth Federal Holiday and Martin Luther King Day was discussed. There was unanimous consensus to give up Presidents Day for Martin Luther King Day.

The other question that was asked was if Columbus Day was given up, if Good Friday and Christmas Eve could be made a full holiday rather than a half holiday.

Work is being done to update the employee handbook and legislation will be given to council for the updates regarding holidays. Council then approved a request from the Finance Director to approve the invoices as presented. An update on the amending of Ordinance 2021-21 was then given by Mr. Heban.

Councilman Johnson asked about the term medical versus medicinal in the language. Councilman Dawson asked if a breakdown of revenue could also be included.

Mr. Heban explained that with the public approving this, the regulations would come later. Moving on to the safety committee, the Police Chief updated council on the status of a new police vehicle. A new 2022 vehicle will not be possible.

After talking to another police chief, it was discovered that the pickups are still available. Research is currently being done to see which dealerships may still have one.

The Police Chief also informed council that he applied for the JAG (Justice Assistance Grant). The grant was awarded with an amount of $12,000 and will be used to help purchase equipment.

He also explained that the department has been having Facebook issues. The previous page was hacked which led to the department being locked out of the page.

Someone has now reported the page as having inappropriate content when they reported the stats, which has caused the page to be cancelled again.

Councilman Johnson then asked to discuss the vaccine mandates that are coming. He stated that a ruling in the 6th District Court in Cincinnati is now allowing administrations to oppose the vaccine mandates put on companies that have more than 100 employees.

He put forward his thought that council should put a resolution in place that states the mandate will not happen here. The resolution will not supersede the law, but it will send a message that the village does not agree with it.

Mr. Heban explained that if council wants to express the opinion, then a resolution can be prepared. It would not be law but would be sent to the state legislatures letting them know the village opposes it.

Moving to Development and Government Relations, an update was given regarding the meeting with the PDYS administration.

Mr. Thomas explained that a meeting took place with the PDYS Superintendent, Treasurer, and the President of the school board Dr. Mattin. Also in attendance was the Village Administrator, Councilman Thomas, Councilman Tanner and the mayor.

Mr. Peebles stated that the meeting was held to give the school an opportunity to voice their concerns with the Pre-94 tax abatements. The two groups will meet again in thirty days to discuss an agreement.

The following Ordinance and Resolutions were then approved by council. Amended Ordinance 2021-21 to place an issue on the ballot at the next general election, the issue approving the cultivation, processing and/or wholesaling, retailing, and dispensing of medicinal marijuana in the Village of Delta.

Resolution 2021-21 authorizing the Village Administrator to advertise for bids and enter into contract for the capital improvement projects in 2022.

Resolution 2021-22 authorizing the Village Administrator to execute agreement with Fulton County emergency planning agency for services mandated by the Ohio Revised Code and declaring an emergency.

Resolution 2021-23 authorizing the Village Administrator to execute an amendment to the agreement for indigent defense services in Fulton County Court proceedings and declaring an emergency.

Resolution 2021-24 authorizing Sandy Kessler from the Ohio Rural Community Assistance Partnership to submit a USDA rural development application via the online application system for the Delta Fernwood Project and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance 2021-22 to supplement Ordinance 2020-30 to make supplemental appropriations for the current expenses of the Village of Delta for the fiscal year ending December 31st, 2021.

It was then stated that the next meeting will be held on Monday, January 3rd, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. Council then moved to adjourn at 6:08 p.m.


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