Delta Council Adjusts Following Resignation Of Mayor & Moves To Return To In Person Meetings


By: Rebecca Miller

The Monday, January 18, 2021 Delta Village Council was held by Teleconference as planned, but with Vice Mayor Frank Wilton presiding. On January 14, 2021, Mayor Bob Gilbert had given his resignation after serving in that position for just a few weeks over one year.

After calling the meeting to order with all council members present as well as administrative staff and a few members of the public on the phone, Wilton led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pastor Matt Voyer of Trinity Lutheran Church had been asked to lead in prayer. Besides reading “a prayer for a nation in turmoil from the Lutheran hymnal” Voyer thanked those present for their willingness to serve and said he wished them all God’s blessing on their meeting.

There were a number of changes and amendments to the agenda so council voted to approve the adjustments. The first order of business was the appointment of Council President/Vice Mayor Wilton into the position of Mayor of Delta. Kevin Heban, Village Solicitor, administered the oath of office over the phone, asking Wilton to please stand and raise his right hand.

Council voted to put Councilman Mike Tanner into the position of Council President/Vice Mayor of Delta.

The approval of minutes for January 4, 2021 Regular meeting, December 22, 2020 Special Meeting and December 30, 2020 Special meeting was given along with approval for the payment of invoices.

Wilton asked that the State of the Village letter which was to be mailed to all residents be tabled until March, as well as the appointment of council members to committees until they have a new member, and council agreed, making motions to do so.

Delta resident Bill Pacak addressed council about two concerns. “I can’t understand why the Village of Delta Council meetings can’t be live, as we have the school and restaurants open,” he stated, going on to say that especially since they are switching mayors, it would be good to have it open for the public to attend.

His second concern was that the digital boards on each end of the town are not in use and he wondered if the town could get rid of them and go back to regular signs such as the ones used in the past, if the digital are not going to be kept in repair and used. He thanked council for allowing him to share his concerns.

Immediately following his comments, Village Administrator Brad Peebles explained that the signs are owned, operated and maintained by the Chamber of Commerce. The village does not have jurisdiction over the signs.

Council member Lynn Frank asked if Peebles could send the Chamber a letter and he agreed to do so the following day.

As far as meeting in person, Council member Chad Johnson asked if Council could address that right away as well. Peebles stated that the village had been meeting via teleconference in order to “follow the state guidelines about ten or more people, but if council chooses, they can go back to live public meetings.”

Council member Anthony Dawson asked how they could have public meetings if the offices are closed to the public and Peebles said that if Council so chose, he would open it all back up again.

Council approved a motion to go back to holding in person public meetings, and it was agreed that Peebles would open the office doors on January 19, 2021, with no motion needed according to law advisor, Kevin Heban.

In his report for the evening, Peebles gave an update on properties, saying that the closing of the sale to Open Door is scheduled for Friday, January 22 and that an easement is being finalized for the other sale to Gary Russell.

Dawson asked about the Street light in the subdivision that had been taken down and Peebles assured him that Edison is replacing it probably in late spring or early summer.

Mayor Wilton asked if they should get a public notice out right away about the open council position and as Peebles had already sent out the written format of what should go in the papers, Council voted to approve a motion to put it in the papers immediately.

In other business, Council voted to approve:

•Second reading of Ordinance 21-01 An ordinance modifying the traffic pattern of Monroe Street between Main and Palmwood streets

•Second reading of Ordinance 21-02 An ordinance authorizing the Village Administrator to dispose of certain real estate not needed for any municipal purpose

•Second reading of Resolution 21-01 A resolution authorizing the Village Administrator to advertise for bids and enter into contract for the resurfacing of Wood St. in 2021

•Ordinance 21-03 An ordinance declaring unpaid income tax amounts as uncollectible and authorizing the tax administrator to remove them from village accounts

A concern was brought up that council needed to accept the resignation of Mayor Bob Gilbert, but Heban said it did not have to be acted upon by council as it was acted upon administratively.

Chief Nathan Hartsock informed council that they are “working out the bugs” on the new report writing software, and that he will have a report ready for the next meeting.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, February 1, 2021 at 5:30 p.m., in person.

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