Edon Village Council Approves Vacating Portion Of Main Street

By: Lucinda Held-Faulhaber

Vacating a portion of Main Street was part of a straightforward agenda addressed by Edon Village Council during it regular session held Monday, August 19, 2013 in Village Chambers.  Mayor Darlene Burkhardt called the evening meeting to order with Councilors Roxana Nester, Lamar Kline, Duane Thiel, Dick Chapin, Chuck Bidwell, Sam Steffes, Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell and Solicitor Tom Thompson in attendance.

First filed with Council, the Petition from Edon Farmers Co-Op requested part of the Village’s Main Street be vacated south from its intersection with Railroad Street to the northern property line of the Indiana Northeastern Railroad.  When no opposition was expressed by the Edon Planning Commission upon its subsequent review, the Petition was referred back to Council for action.

Satisfied there was good cause for vacating the street ~ and that such action would not be detrimental to the general interest of the Village ~ Council proceeded with the request.  After voting to suspend the rules and pass as an emergency, Ordinance 05-13 Vacating a Portion of Main Street Within the Village was unanimously approved by Council.

In other action taken that evening, members:

•Accepted the Minutes, Financial Report and Bills as submitted.

•Voted to suspend the rules and pass as an emergency Ordinance 04-13 Accepting Recodification of Ordinances 2013.

•Discussed Finance Committee updates as presented by Councilors Bidwell, Chapin and Steffes; the Village will attempt a ten percent budget cut across the board, offsetting as estimated $70,000 loss in revenue from DMI’s anticipated 2014 closure.  (Already down from $130,000 received nearly five years ago, the Village has done all right by annually adjusting to previously lost DMI monies.)  Allocations of DMI revenue were also redone ~ General Fund (from eighty percent to ninety percent) and Capital Outlay (from 8.33 percent to ten percent); appropriations to Sanitary Sewer (currently at 11.33 percent) were eliminated.  While additional cost-saving measures will be considered over the upcoming months, current plans do not call for any loss of full-time employees.

•Heard Police Chief Tom Szymczak’s Service Log and Vehicle Report for July 2013.  In addition to noting the department’s Crown Victoria had been sold, he shared street signs on the stoplight had been cleaned and maintained prior to re-hanging while split shifts helped cover his vacation.

•Was informed by Street Superintendent Jim Brigle that Village lawn mowers had been repaired and the catch basin in the grocery store’s parking lot would be taken care of this week.  He also noted one ton of salt had been purchased for the winter season at last year’s price; if more salt is needed, it can be obtained later.

•Accepted M & M Asphalt’s bid of $39,645 to resurface Rockey Ridge Subdivision; Lingvai Paving’s bid ($40,170) was also reviewed for consideration.  Permissive Funds through the County will be used to pay for the project set to get underway early next month.

•Approved revising Chapter 1195 of the Codified Planning and Zoning Ordinance (Procedural “checklist” for Zoning Amendments) before proceeding with the Planning Commission’s recommendation concerning towers, wind turbines, accessory structures, etc.; a resolution will be prepared for next month’s meeting.

•Heard Justin Braun’s proposed Eagle Scout Project to replace benches at Baker Park; approximate outlay for new metal benches (two needed, but could use three) is four hundred dollars per bench.  Upon further discussion, Council recommended that Justin contact other potential donors and return if unable to obtain project funding; some Village monies may be available to help defray costs.

•Noted smoke testing of Village sewer lines would take place Friday, August 23.

•Heard Time Warner Cable subscribers, needing equipment required for the December 2, 2013 digital changeover, should contact them; information may also be obtained from the Village Clerk.

•Learned the Williams County Farm Bureau Banquet would be held Thursday, August 22 at the Veterans Building in Montpelier; all members were invited to attend.

The next monthly meeting of the Edon Village Council will be held Monday, September 16, 2013 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in Village Chambers.


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