Entire Wauseon Schools’ Staff Improve Their Knowledge Of How To React In Safety Situations

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Recently our school district devoted a full day of professional development to focus on the awareness and implementation of our new school safety plans. In addition to several general sessions on responding to a violent intruder, the incident command system and overview of the new phone application with our safety flipcharts, the staff members participated in many short safety sessions. The topics of the round robin, specific training included: Fire Extinguisher Operations, Drop/Cover/Hold, Severe Weather, Lockdown, Reverse Evacuations, Bomb Threats, Explosions, Mental Health Issues, Medical Emergencies, Active Shooter, Intruders, Hostages, Chemical Spills, Chemical Emergencies, Reunification of students with parents & guardians, Fire Safety and K9 Demonstration.

Wauseon Fire Chief Rick Sluder gave an overview of the Incident Command System. ICS is a system devised to have school leaders, police chiefs and fire safety leaders work together with one individual in charge based on the safety situation.

Prior to the second session, the staff members were introduced to a police officer playing the role of uninvited guest to the school building. They were shown how many weapons can be concealed with the proper uniform and equipment.

The Wauseon Board of Education would like to publicly recognize all of the first responders that played important roles in the planning and the actual presentations and demonstrations throughout this important training day.



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