Florence Township & Edon Farmers Coop Trade Properties

At the regular open meeting of the Florence Township Trustees on August 6, 2012, Rick Dunbar, General Manager of the Edon Farmers Coop, discussed the possibility of trading the newly acquired Jon Racette building and land located at 301 Railroad Street in Edon, Ohio for the Florence Township Maintenance buildings and land located at 201 S. Main Street in Edon, Ohio. This trade would enable the Coop to expand their grain elevator in the future and provide the township with a newer building to house the township maintenance equipment. At that time, the Trustees passed resolution 177 to trade properties with no boot to be paid. The Fiscal Officer contacted the Williams County Prosecuting Attorney to see if this trade could happen.[emember_protected custom_msg=”Full content protected for online subscribers. Purchase a one week subscription from the top menu bar for just $1.99 to read all online content (full access). Longer subscription plans are also available. Subscriptions cover our costs to attend local events; bringing forth Hometown News Coverage to our communities.”] The township trustees were told that this could happen. The process was slow. At every turn, the Trustees were told that a property trade between a local government and a farmer cooperative association, which is an Ohio non-profit corporation, had never happened before. The trustees were told that a government entity can trade property of equal or less value for property of greater value. The township needed to provide appraisals to the Williams County Auditor to prove that the Coop property was worth more than the township property. After the property appraisals were submitted, it was agreed that the Coop property located at 301 Railroad Street was worth more than the township property located at 201 S. Main Street.

On June 13, 2013, the Florence Township Trustees received a Warranty Deed for the property at 301 Railroad Street. The Township will have a building that is larger than the two buildings at the old property and is in much better condition. The Coop will have the needed room to expand in the future. The Florence township residents and the Coop customers both win.


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