Former West Unity Resident Matt Wheeler Recently Has Book Published

BOOK COVER … Hilltop graduate Matthew Wheeler recently had a book published.

By Kent Hutchison

Matthew Wheeler was born and raised in West Unity Ohio. He is a 2004 graduate of Hilltop High School. Matt, now thirty two years old, is celebrating the publishing of his book titled “Portobello – The Torrent War”. The book became available to the public in both paperback and hard cover on August 9. Matt has been married to his wife Jaclyn for nine years now. They reside in Jackson, Michigan with their two pets.

When asked where his interest in writing comes from Wheeler indicated that he wasn’t sure. Matt did add that at a young age he aspired to be a film director. However, instead of following that dream he ended up writing books. Wheeler began writing screenplays at age 15. He didn’t start book writing until age 24.

Portobello the Torrent War is the first of a three book mini-series. The second book Portobello – The Galactic War is currently being written. According to Wheeler Portobello – The Torrent War is a science fiction book that will take you through the depths of space and beyond. The story begins on Earth with a character named Dean Matthews. Dean is the commander of the Deltoton starship. The book takes Dean and his crew through their journey to Portobello. Along the way readers will discover many amazing things built throughout the galaxy such as Moon View, the Telescopium, and the Gemini base on Mars. Readers will encounter an alien race called the Plov and discover an alien virus that kills any biological entity it touches named the Torrent.

Although Science Fiction has been his main focus in writing, Wheeler noted he has also written a horror/thriller book. “A Ghost in the Shadows” was his first published work and is available for digital download on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Wheeler also has another horror/thriller titled “Bedford” on the back burner. He started the story over a year ago and plans to finish that after the Portobello mini-series is complete.

Portobello The Torrent War is now available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and directly off of the publishers website at

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