Fulton County Website Offers “Notify Me” Option

The official Fulton County website offers a “Notify Me” option for the public to stay connected to a variety of county agencies and events throughout the county such as the Sherriff’s office, Senior Center, Job Postings, Developmental Disabilities, Bid Notices and much more.

The Notify me tab, which can be found on the homepage of the website, allows for individuals to subscribe to their preferred notification or event. The subscriber can choose up to two methods of notification via email and/or text to their smartphone or mobile device. A subscriber can unsubscribe at any time.

“One of our most popular and highly subscribed alerts is for the Sheriff’s Office. A person could sign up for notifications for serious crimes, unexpected road closures, snow levels and scams,” notes Toni Schindler, Marketing and Communications Director for Fulton County. “In light of the recent winter weather, this tool to the public can come in handy to stay on top of the snow levels that the County officially issues.”

Other useful notification options are for the Fulton County Senior Center, which posts the monthly newsletter, upcoming events and cancellations. The Board of Developmental Disabilities offers a notification for delays and closings as well as Special Olympics updates. Bid postings for County construction, County office supplies, Economic Development/Workforce Development, Township and Engineer’s office can also be accessed via this option on the website as well as job Postings, tax notices, tornado warnings, Jobs and Family Services updates, ditch notices, Board of Election Notices and much more.

“The “Notify Me” feature on our website was a definite selling point for us when we were looking at website options,” Hall notes. “This tool allows us to stay connected to the public in a more efficient, effective and transparent manner, which is our goal. With this tool, we can now immediately communicate with our vendors for bids, the public for government job postings, ditch notices and so much more. It allows us the diversity we need to reach out to the public via all of the different arms of our local county government.”

The “Notify Me” tab can be assessed on homepage of the website at www.fultoncountyoh.com. The website offers a plethora of information on county agencies, departments and upcoming events. The site also features access to the County’s Facebook and Twitter pages, in which county notices are also posted.


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