Hilltop High School To Present Fun & Humorous Stereotype High

Stereotype High is a comedic drama in two acts, written by Jeffrey Harr. It follows the lives of Chuck (Riley Burdine), the high school jock who is expected to become a star college football player and Jeanie (Shelby Kuney), his mean girlfriend who has the entire school at her control, yet has humble, smaller beginnings she seems to have pushed aside. When the duo go to see Mrs. Slattamore (Leah Carothers), the good intentioned, yet slightly crazy, guidance counselor, they set off on separate journeys to shed who they have been all through high school.

Through their stories, we are introduced to other characters: Annarosarosemarie (Rebecca Coleman), the high school thespian who can perform any role given to her with great success, but wishes to be more successful with boys; Ronald (Logan Flemmins) an academic standout who fears his “nerd” status will never yield him a real date; Rita (Baylee Schmitt), an insecure loner who is on a quest to find a love lost long ago on the playground; Sky (Veronica Roth or Katie Geis), a girl who is sick of her bad girl image and wishes to shed it by finding the nice guy; Alex (Katie Foster), seen by many of his peers as a lazy guy who has no aspirations, but in reality runs a lucrative business and dreams of going to college; and Andrew (Jayne Coleman) confident yet seen by his peers as a weird individual who sparks new friendships in odd places.

As different as each character is, they share one goal: to shed the person that everyone assumes them to be. Along their journeys, the characters are united in unexpected ways and are greeted with flashbacks from their past. For example, in one flashback scene, two unlikely characters become friends after encountering Miss Johnson (Sydni Rivera), a stressed out first year teacher.

Stereotype High explores the realities of what adolescents are subjhect to during their high school years in a fun, humorous, and meaningful way. The show runs December 19th at 3 and 7 PM and December 20th at 3 PM. Tickets are $7 and $10.


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