Montpelier Rotary Dedicates New Park Pavilion

The new pavilion at the Main Street Park, on the site where Montpelier’s High School once stood, was dedicated during a ceremony on November 5, 2012. The pavilion is truly a jewel and a wonderful addition to the village.

Despite the chilly temperature, members of the Montpelier Rotary, guests and citizens of the village gathered under the new pavilion to eat grilled hot dogs, eat delicious cookies from Cookies On Demand, and hear the Montpelier High School stage band play jazz tunes under the direction of Ryan Bonitz. Attendees also received can cozies and water bottles from the Rotary.

Rotary President Chuck Moore explained that the structure was built through funds received from the Rotary with money earned from various fund-raisers and reverse auctions, and for the first time, they accepted donations from the community as well. Over 30 businesses and organizations contributed to the project. Plaques commemorating the Montpelier Rotary Club and donors will be set in marble in two front columns of the pavilion.

Following a prayer from Reverend David Tilley, Moore presented the four past Rotary presidents, who also had a part in the project: Nathan Thompson, Barb Fisher, Jeremy Clinger and Jason Kunsman. Moore explained that “this is the Rotary’s 75th year of giving back to Montpelier, and that’s our favorite thing to do.” President Moore then presented a plaque to Montpelier Mayor Steve Yagelski, reading “Montpelier Park Shelter, 2012, final cost of $55,000 paid in full by the Montpelier Rotary Club through the support of the community, November 5, 2012.”

Words describing the new pavilion were heard throughout the crowd, who described it as “beautiful,” “great,” “lovely,” and “truly an asset to our community.”

The club turned the pavilion over to Montpelier’s Parks and Recreation Department, and those wishing to rent the new structure for special occasions and events may contact the department for more details.

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