Montpelier Rotary Tops Miller’s New Market Squad In Home Run Battle

(June 8th, 2015) – In a baseball game consisting of players aged 12 and under, it’s not often that one sees the ball fly through the outfield and over the fence.  Yet, anyone who happened to be in attendance when Montpelier Summer teams Rotary and Miller’s New Market faced off against one another saw more homeruns in that very contest than one would see in a high school contest.

Together, the two squads combined to hit 5 homeruns.

Despite the fact that 3 of those long balls came from the Miller’s dugout, it was actually Rotary who gained the upper hand by the game’s midpoint.  They would hold on to earn a 6-4 victory over the New Market boys.

Miller’s claimed the lead very early in the contest, establishing a 2-0 advantage in the top of the first inning.  Rotary answered in the bottom of the second with a 1 run effort to cut their deficit in half.  A 2 run outing in the top of the third built the New Market team’s lead back up, however, putting them ahead 4-1.

Then, in the bottom of the third, Rotary made their move.  A grand-slam by Cole Vasquez altered the complexion of the game, giving Rotary a 5-4 advantage.  Solid defense, as well as another homerun, this one from Aiden Higbie, kept Miller’s at bay and gave Rotary the 2 run win.

Vasquez’s grand-slam earned him 4 RBIs on Rotary’s behalf.  Higbie, in addition to his own shot over the fence, also hit for a single, as he drove in 2 RBIs on the contest.  Thomas Jay, Jeren Viers, and Blake Altaffer each hit singles as well for Rotary.

For Miller’s, it was Collin Crisenbery who led the way, hitting a pair of homeruns in the losing effort.  He had 3 RBIs on the game.  His teammate, Ethan Varney, took the first pitch of the game deep to right field to earn an inside the park homerun for an RBI.

Taking to the mound for Rotary as well was Vasquez.  Pitching for 3 innings, he gave up 4 runs off of 4 hits.  He also earned 5 strikouts while allowing 4 walks.

Miller’s Marihugh assumed the loss for his unit.  Throwing for 3 innings, he allowed only 1 earned run from 6 hits.  He claimed 4 strikeouts and no walks.

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