North Central Franklin B. Walter Award Winner Kirby Miller

DSC_3632By: T.J. Hug
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While other student teacher combinations at the banquet got a bit teary eyed, and maybe even hugged, during the dedication portion of the Franklin B. Walter Award ceremony, Kirby Miller and Jessica Tracey weren’t quite so visible with outward affection.

“We just sort of waved at each other.” Miller, in her senior year at North Central chuckled.

That doesn’t mean their bond is weaker than the other award winners present. In fact, they may be closer to each other than anyone else in the room.

“She’s kind of like a second parent.” Miller said of her favorite teacher.
Even in her initial reaction to winning the award, Tracey was immediately in her thoughts.

“I was actually kind of surprised,” Miller stated, “but I was honored to express m appreciation for may wonderful Ag Teacher.”

A participant in numerous extracurricular activities, including Spanish Club, S.A.D.D., S.O.A.R., F.C.A., Student Council, National Honor Society, Safe Talk, F.F.A., Choir, 4-H, and Junior Fair Board, Miller has been able to maintain a 3.97 GPA. She noted how much time and dedication Tracey has put into the Agriculture program at North Central, possibly serving as a motivation for her own drive.

Tracey herself has seen a great deal of growth from Miller since first having her in eighth grade.

“Since she started the program, she’s become a whole different Kirby.” Tracey noticed.

They’ve been around each other so much, that the Ag instructor is fresh out of words of wisdom for her pupil.

“Kirby’s heard my little pieces of life advice for five years now.”

Currently, Miller is looking into possibly entering Veterinarian School after obtaining an Animal Science degree.

“I said that once, too.” Tracey remembered.

“Watch me be an Ag teacher.” Rebutted Miller.

And that just proves that everyone shows their affection in different ways.

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