Northwest Ohio Toastmasters Hold Bi-Monthly Meeting

“The Internet”, was Andy Lyke’s (Whitehouse) speech topic at the November 5th Northwest Ohio Toastmasters’ meeting. He related how the Department of Defense in 1960, asked for ideas on a communication system that was more reliable than single point land lines. The Rand Corporation developed the multi node concept that allows transmission of information in small uniquely addressed packets, which can flow in multiple directions to avoid being blocked. This first system was called Arpanet. It eventually developed into what we know as the world wide web or the internet.
“Bible Reading” was the other speech of the evening by Larry Zuvers (Bryan). He first related that on the eve of the national election, perhaps Bible reading would be appropriate before voting. Also, he indicated that several well known pastors such as Billy Graham had asked voters to vote based on their biblical values. Larry went on to indicate that Bible reading can help readers understand; who they are and where they are going in life, based on several scripture references he quoted. By searching under bible on, he noted that there are over 39 thousand listings to choose from. These multiple media options allow access to the Bible 24/7 in any place in many formats.
The word of the day was ‘intrepid’. It was provided by Karen Lyke (Whitehouse). The definition relates to a person or their words being powerful, solid, and sturdy. Sue Stamm (Archbold) was the general evaluator of the meeting and noted how it proceeded well and had diversity of presentations. She also reported on the times of each speech. Jim Watkins (Bryan) coordinated impromptu responses to table topics. These included: what if I was a fly, when is a white lie ok, and what age would you like to be for one week.
Darlene Sheperd (Bryan), as club president, lead the business meeting and was toastmaster. She also reported on the recent district meeting of Toastmasters in Toledo. It included speech contests and instruction sessions. Rebecca Lovelass (Fayette) and Karen Lyke (Whitehouse) evaluated the speeches with constructive remarks.
Barb Steckly (Bryan) provided an inspirational close relating to late bloomers and love. She then announced that she is now engaged to be married.
Guests are always welcome to attend Northwest Ohio Toastmasters’ meetings on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Allied Health Building Conference Room at Northwest State Community College south of Archbold. The next meeting is November 19th. For more information contact Larry Zuvers at 419-636-2329 or

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