Praying For A Wheelchair (Tri State Medical Supply)

A man in the Ukraine has had his prayers answered when a local group took a self-directed mission trip. Kristen Runyon of Fayette was one of eight that traveled this past July to visit orphanages and nursing homes for ten days in the Ukraine. At a small nursing home that was located out in the country, Kristen and her daughter Gracie met a gentleman that was confined to his bed because he was a double amputee. Though neither of the Runyons or the Ukraine native spoke the same language, Kristen said that she could tell by his twinkling eyes that this man had so much faith. She later learned (through a translator) that he had thanked the group for coming and had expressed that he prayed to God daily for a wheelchair.

Kristen was touched by his request and shared his story with a friend, Cecily Rohrs of Archbold, upon her return home. After hearing Kristen recall her travels and the story of this man with no legs, Cecily decided that, “We’ll get that man a wheel chair!”

Cecily has had a long-standing relationship with Tri-State Medical Supply in Wauseon as they have partnered together for the Fulton County Christmas Cheer project. She made the call and explained what she wanted to do and the fine folks at Tri-State Medical Supply made it happen. Leigh Ann Yungmann, General Manager, said that the chair that Tri-State donated was custom fit for the gentleman and will be able to handle the terrain of the land where he lives. The wheel chair shipped out of New Jersey on November 15 and will take about one week for it travel to the Ukraine; shipping was covered by local monetary donations.

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