Recognition Given To Five Outgoing CCNO Board Members

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STRYKER – Special recognition was given to five outgoing board members during Wednesday’s meeting of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio that oversees the regional jail.

Outgoing CCNO board chair John Nye, Henry County Sheriff, was the first to be recognized by CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis. It was noted that Sheriff Nye had been a part of the CCNO board for the past 23 years and retires as county sheriff at the end of the year.

Sheriff Nye said he has served as board chairman for a long time and always looked forward to the board meetings. He said he watched as CCNO was under construction and when it opened its doors in 1990. He gave high praise to those who operate the facility as it can stand in front of any others for its numerous accomplishments. He said he will miss those who he has served with on the board as well as CCNO staff.

Fulton County Commissioner Dean Genter received recognition for serving five years on the CCNO board. His term expires at the end of the year.

Three other sheriffs, who were not present during the board meeting, were also recognized for their years of service on the CCNO board. They included Fulton County Sheriff Darrell Merillat and Lucas County Sheriff James Telb. Each served on the board as sheriff for their respective counties for 25 years. Also recognized was Williams County Sheriff Kevin Beck who served seven years on the CCNO board and also retired as county sheriff.

Officials elected new officers on the CCNO board to include Defiance County Sheriff Dave Westrick as Board President; Fulton County Sheriff Roy Miller as Board Vice President; and Williams County Sheriff Steve Towns as Board Secretary. Henry County Commissioner Bob Hastedt was elected to the board’s executive committee.

In his operational report, Mr. Dennis said Wednesday’s inmate population stood at 572 or 90 percent. He said the population count has slowly been increasing in numbers to include an increase in the female population. The population count stood at 570 or 91 percent in October and 548 or 86 percent in November. He added that there were 101 inmates participating in the electronic monitoring program.
Mr. Dennis said CCNO received a $43,000 credit from Northwest Electric Cooperative for its savings in electrical usage. He noted that CCNO is a top user of the co-op’s electrical service.

CCNO successfully completed a self certification audit at the request of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Mr. Dennis said the state reduced its jail inspectors from four to only one and many jails will be asked to do self audits. He said CCNO is certified by the American Correctional Association which exceeds state minimum jail standards.

Officials were informed that CCNO may be required to do a second prison run when necessary due to receiving more requests from area courts for such transport. About three years ago CCNO conducted two prison runs a week which was reduced to only one per week due to budget cuts. Mr. Dennis stated that one run a week is making it a 16 to 20-hour work day which exceeds federal limits on driving time. He said the increase runs are due to judicial reviews but said they could be reduced if area judges would use video conferencing available at the prisons.

Members met in executive session for five minutes to discuss personnel with no action taken.

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